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Asking more than one question in less than 90 minutes [duplicate]

Some time ago I could post more than one question in less than 90 minutes. I thought the bug would have been fixed until I saw this user also posted this and this in a gap of 10 minutes or may be less....
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Why do I need to wait for 90 minutes before posting a new question? [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Overflow and I am really thankful to all the people who have helped me here. My problem is that I implement my whole code alone and I save the problems that I faced. Then I try to ...
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On large communities decaying over time, being nice or mean, and Stack Overflow

Wandering about the Internet, I stumbled across why online communities decay over time. This is a rather good article and should be read in conjunction with a group is its own worst enemy. I strongly ...
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Error -- "you can only post once every 90 minutes" but I haven't posted in days

I tried to post a SO question this morning, but I got an error saying: You can only post once every 90 minutes. However, I haven't posted in days, let alone 90 minutes. What gives?
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Should a fairly off topic question that would be beneficial for the community be asked?

I have had a question for quite some time now, but have been reluctant to ask as I understand it would be borderline off-topic, and hence I have yet to ask it. I drafted the question here, which was ...
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Aren't new users throttled asking questions anymore?

How can this happen: I thought that new users were throttled with asking no more questions than one within 90 minutes? As @gnat stated in comments: since all the garbage they dumped is ...
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What is the the best way to ask follow up questions?

A lot of time after I ask a question I still have further questions about the problem or I come up with new questions that are closely related. It is always a pain to ask follow-up questions or ...
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Is it possible to disable "Post questions once in every 20 minute"?

When I tried to post more than 2 questions one after other, Stack Overflow said me that "You can only post once every 20 minutes." Is this restriction can be removed or disabled? Or, does this ...
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Is this a new form of homework abuse / help-vampirism?

A user posted this question seeking help with debugging. I answered, and shortly after when I looked at the page I saw that the user had deleted their account. A little later I noticed that there was ...
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What do you think about a "do some research" delay before posting a question for very low rep users?

I want to start a little discussion on how to avoid all the badly formatted questions where some research on the internet would have brought up thousands of results. I searched Meta.SO (and meta....
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Possible solution to “You can only post once every 90 minutes” at Work

The way I see it, several changes need to be made for users at work sharing the same IP address. This is just what I think. Change the message to 'your IP address' instead of 'you cannot'. This would ...
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