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What to do when wishing operator help (e.g. review suspended) [closed]

I did not get a message, but I realized that I was blocked ("suspended") from reviewing for almost a year, based on three decisions. As I feel at least two of my decisions are debatable at ...
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Failed First Posts review audits are not cleared after suspension period has ended

So I failed two review audits and got suspended for two days … I'm not complaining, but I want to understand why the system works the way it works.
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What are the current review suspension periods, and how do they escalate? [duplicate]

This earlier Q&A says that the intervals for review suspensions are 2 days → 7 days → 30 days, but those intervals seem to be outdated and do not reflect the current practice. What are the CURRENT ...
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It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? [duplicate]

It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? A link to the review that caused your suspension: An ...
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Can duration of first review ban be 2 months? [duplicate]

I had been reviewing in queues that I have access to. First I completed my 40 "First Posts" review. Never knew that would be a surprise test. But I passed them all. Then I also passed the "Late ...
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What determines duration of review suspension? [duplicate]

In the triage queue, I have marked a question as "Requires Editing", while three other reviewers marked it as "Unsalvageable". Apparently because this question is about running a piece of proprietary ...
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How strict is the review suspension system and can you object for this ban?

I've received a second ban in a row for the review queue. Now since it has happened for the second time, I'm starting to question whether I review the questions so wrongly or that the system is just ...
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Too many incorrect reviews, banned for 1.5 years

I admit, I'm what you call a rep whore :-) As I'm currently without a job, I thought it might be useful spending some time on this site, e.g. by doing some review tasks. Although I try to do this in ...
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How many correct "review" tests are needed to clean your history? [duplicate]

I am constantly reviewing the queues and after some wrongdoings in the first weeks (and bans for that matter) I roughly was tested like 10 times the last 3 weeks. I managed all of them but failed ...
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Why did I not pass the audit? [duplicate]

I Low Quality Post review I got an answer to the question How to resize image before uploading to CDN using CURL . I answered this looks ok: I don't understand why. I got banned till the end of ...
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Accidentally clicked "Requires editing" on an obvious spam in "Triage" [duplicate]

I have accidentally clicked the Requires editing button instead of Unsalvageable while reviewing Triage tasks, so I failed the obvious test. While I didn't get put on hold for now, my 4-day just ...
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Banned from reviewing suddenly and silently - why? [duplicate]

Yesterday I've reviewed some posts, without problems. Today, the review page didn't said that I've reviewed too much post incorrectly (with a link to a failed audit), instead, only the following: ...
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The review audit/suspension system needs to be changed

In my opinion, the review audit system is broken and the suspension system is just a tad bit too harsh. If I am correct, and I don't know if there is a cap on suspension days or not, the amount of ...
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What is the reason for a reviewer make a review? [duplicate]

I think most of the users are trying to review only because of some pixels, which are named badge. And since this is only one thing user gets for spending his own time, I don't see any reason to do ...
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How did I get suspended from reviewing for this long? [duplicate]

I failed a review audit (again) and I got suspended for three months. Why? I thought that you could only get suspended for a maximum of thirty days - yet this came up. Why? If this is a bug, could I ...
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Does the ban from review History gets erased when you review for a long time without mistakes? [duplicate]

I review everyday in stackoverflow. I honestly do make one or two mistakes every month in reviewing. I did observe that each time I make a mistake the time suspension gets longer. Does stackoverflow ...
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Review audit / moderation inconsistency

Recently I appear to have deserved a review ban, having failed multiple audits and, perhaps, making inappropriate decisions about posts. I take it. It's been few months that I've been granted ...
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Is this question about an error in an IDE really good enough to be a review audit?

I was given an audit in Triage review today. I thought it over and decided it was debugging help. The question showed an error occurring while running an application; there was no code. I don't ...
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Explanation for this Triage

Can anybody explain why this triage became O.K. Based from my experience, this kind of question should fall in either Questions asking us to recommend... flag or Question seeking debugging help... ...
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6 day ban for review of wiki tag? [duplicate]

I understand the review bans are progressive. Is a six day ban expected with two failed audits in several weeks and no bans in the last year or so: Related, how did this ban arrive? As far as I know, ...
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Failed audit question [duplicate]

I failed an audit, for reasons that I now understand. However, I got hit with "YOU FAILED THE AUDIT", and am blocked from reviewing for two days, even though I've passed all of the recent tests I can ...
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A moderator messaged me that my edits which only remove "thanks" and alike are discouraged

There are threads here (thread 1 and thread 2) already but in my opinion it needs further discussion. It is discouraged, but not a punishable violation? I can remember when I didn't have the ...
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Why did I get banned from reviewing after failing one audit? [duplicate]

I know here are questions about this, but I only found ones from people who have failed recently or been banned before. I just got banned for the first time from reviewing because I failed an audit. ...
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If I got two-day review suspension sometime back, the next ban of 7 days is applying after a single mistake? [duplicate]

I was previously got banned for two days from reviewing for passing a link only answer as "no action needed". After that, I had many days of carefully reviewing and only today I did a single mistake ...
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Review Queue Fail Time [duplicate]

So recently I have gotten a lot of fails on Review Queue audits. I'm struggling to understand exactly how I can improve. Some of the audits I kinda standby my reasoning for why I chose the certain ...
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Getting banned from reviewing for each audit fail [duplicate]

I'm not writing here to cry out my tears but to get explained. I couldn't find the answer to the following question: Are you getting banned from reviewing for each audit fail? I got banned from ...
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Is there a permanent review ban? [duplicate]

If I fail a sufficent number of audits, would I get permanently banned from review queues?
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Review Failed for Low Quality Posts

While reviewing Low Quality Posts, when I marked this question as off-topic, I got the warning STOP! Look and Listen saying that this was an audit and I have failed. Have I done something wrong? See ...
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Reviews audits: what criteria behind suspend [duplicate]

I have a question about criteria followed to suspend ability to review of a user. In this weeks I reviewed hundreds of post, "first question", "edit reviews" etc. Sometime I made some error but it ...
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Review audits can easily be bypassed [duplicate]

I have recently noticed that audits can easily be bypassed without any effort. About the issue I know that the audits are not designed to be fail-proof. But they are designed to prevent mindless ...
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How does preventing me from reviewing for 7 days help me become a better reviewer?

I just received a 7 day ban for selecting "No Action Required" on an answer that seemed fine to me. The answer was specific to the question and gave a resource to help. But regardless of the value ...
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Got review banned for one failed audit; I acted on the post but not in the way that it would expect

The audit in question: I probably should have skipped it instead of selecting no action needed, but I preformed an action on the question itself (...
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Are you told when you are banned from reviewing?

Every so often you'll get tested in the review queue, and if you fail you're told so. If you fail enough, do you get "banned"? If you are banned, what happens? Are you told or just given a hellban ...
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Can you find out all of your failed review audits? [duplicate]

Today I was given a 7 day review ban for this audit, which was a misclick, but that's not the point, we all make mistakes! A few weeks ago I was given a 3 day ban for an audit which I agree I made the ...
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What happens when a user is caught doing robo-reviews? [duplicate]

I think I read somewhere that users who don't review well are banned for 1 week from reviewing tasks. Seems like a pretty lame punishment, so I'm wondering the following: After the week ban, are they ...
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