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Review Failed for Low Quality Posts

While reviewing Low Quality Posts, when I marked this question as off-topic, I got the warning STOP! Look and Listen saying that this was an audit and I have failed. Have I done something wrong? See ...
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Why did I not pass the audit? [duplicate]

I Low Quality Post review I got an answer to the question How to resize image before uploading to CDN using CURL . I answered this looks ok: I don't understand why. I got banned till the end of ...
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Why did I get banned from reviewing after failing one audit? [duplicate]

I know here are questions about this, but I only found ones from people who have failed recently or been banned before. I just got banned for the first time from reviewing because I failed an audit. ...
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Can duration of first review ban be 2 months? [duplicate]

I had been reviewing in queues that I have access to. First I completed my 40 "First Posts" review. Never knew that would be a surprise test. But I passed them all. Then I also passed the "Late ...
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Review audits can easily be bypassed [duplicate]

I have recently noticed that audits can easily be bypassed without any effort. About the issue I know that the audits are not designed to be fail-proof. But they are designed to prevent mindless ...
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