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Is Stack Overflow a Customer Care center in Low traffic tags? [duplicate]

Low traffic tags are as much important as High traffic ones, yet, they get minimal attention from the community. Having such tags unattended will result in many "off-topic" posts. What should the ...
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Should FreeLAN or other projects pay Stack Exchange for redirecting support to Stack Overflow?

It appears FreeLAN has outsourced its support to Stack Overflow: How to set up freelan. How does Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange go about signing them up as a client? -Is there an internal sales ...
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Mark question as a bug or enhancement to the framework it deal with - Enhancement to Stackoverflow [duplicate]

99% of the times SO question deals with question that their cause is due to not knowing how to use something or not using it correctly. However in 1% of the cases, the problem is in the framework that ...
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Answers/comments that discourage posting on SO but ask users to post on the vendor's site itself

I asked this question on Stack Overflow. There was a comment that such question should be first asked on the vendor's website. However, in this case, the vendor of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft, ...
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Asking questions about APIs negatively perceived

I have to ask, as I see in a previous question that Software Recommendations is the appropriate place to ask questions about a specific library when we're talking about billing, changes, or anything ...
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How can I make my question non-opinion based?

Why use assertions and preconditions when you can use guard statements, forced unwrapping and error handling? I'm just trying to understand where/why Apple has added this syntax. Would writing the ...
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Why is this not a relevant question for Stack Overflow?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to connect to AWS RDS on a private subnet? The moderator just closed this question. I am not offended but it is so weird that I have to ask here. As ...
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"SO is not customer support for [your favorite company]", but where is the boundary?

WRT this question and its answer: Why we're not customer support for [your favorite company] One may possibly say that with Java-related question, you should ask Oracle. Any .NET-related ...
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What is the problem with this question? Extremely similar questions have been well received [duplicate]

I have recently asked a question on Stack Overflow regarding a compiler bug in VBA. The exact bug I described has never been described online before, at least to my knowledge. It is a variation of a ...
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Are questions of the form "Is there a way to do ..." not allowed?

If I post those types of questions, they are closed as "seeking recommendations". Protecting Azure consumption plan from DDoS attacks update The close reason of the above question was ...
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Why was my question about a yahoo community table outage downvoted? [duplicate]

I asked a question (here) about restoration of the community table, which has been working intermittently since last Friday (8/25/2017), and the question has been downvoted twice ...
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Question about pricing differences between AWS and Google AutoML was closed as off-topic, even though it is about software frameworks [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Huge pricing difference between AWS Custom Comprehend Endpoints and Google AutoML Deployment This has been incorrectly tagged as a non-programming ...
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Should a question about language version support be considered “not about software development"?

Many people have been surprised to find out that a top-tier programming language, PHP (#2-7 depending on metric), suddenly has an extra year of support, since sometime after March 2024. When I posted ...
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Niche technologies and question acceptance and moderation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Niche technologies have a smaller pool of users, and a smaller yet pool of experts. That however shouldn't determine whether or not a question is on topic here. Sorry for the lengthy post, but let's ...
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What to do about good questions (ie. documentation-related) being closed too quickly [duplicate]

TL;DR - a request to avoid pedantic door-slamming on documentation- related questions, specific in this case: re. TensorFlow. More of a comment than a question. I try not to use Stack Overflow ...
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