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What topics (software) can I ask questions about

Can I ask questions in regards to software that's not necessarily main stream. I'm a developer of a ERP/inventory system and my clients wants to know if they can ask questions on stack overflow?
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How to address a question asking about a bugged feature in a product? [duplicate]

I recently found a question about WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux, currently in beta) asking about support for 32bits binary. Currently, WSL doesn't support them, and the issue is logged in their ...
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Why question about availability of Azure features was left closed by review queue after my edit [duplicate]

Very new to asking question on this site. I had a question closed due to lack of clarity and detail. Fair enough, and I agree with the initial assessment. I was also a bit rude about Azure chat ...
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Questions of production readiness of software libraries [duplicate]

Are questions of whether an open source programming library is production ready off topic on SO?
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Need help creating tags for 3D Robotics APIs [duplicate]

At 3D Robotics, we released a set of API's to build apps for drones last week and we want to use Stack Overflow to direct support questions. We would like to have some tags created since no one on the ...
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What to do with a question that's directly addressed to a customer service department? [duplicate]

I saw this post earlier today: What is the best way to deal with it? Is there any link to explain ...
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Is there any generic response for questions made about YouTube quota?

After checking this question and several others related with the YouTube quota, I don't find a generic, aceptable answer for these kind of questions - besides this answer, but isn't answering the ...
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Is [postfix-mta] on topic? Should it be narrowed down?

Related to Let's clean up [postfix-mta] . After looking through a few dozen questions in the course of the cleanup effort, I've had yet to see a single on-topic one, including new questions. As ...
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Where would be a good place to ask questions about Play Store policy? [duplicate]

Play Store gave my app status of App Content Approved with Issues Issue: Invalid Data safety section Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label: Template id: "...
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Why am I unable to get my question reopened? [duplicate]

I would be grateful if somebody could explain why my several attempts to get the following question reopened have failed. Why can't I change my callback function name? I am looking for a detailed ...
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How should Stack Overflow improve its response to questions moderators consider self promotion?

First some quick background: A few weeks ago I was working with VS Code and noticed they had created an issue template such that any Questions that would otherwise have been asked in their GitHub repo ...
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Is Stack Overflow a Customer Care center in Low traffic tags? [duplicate]

Low traffic tags are as much important as High traffic ones, yet, they get minimal attention from the community. Having such tags unattended will result in many "off-topic" posts. What should the ...
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Should FreeLAN or other projects pay Stack Exchange for redirecting support to Stack Overflow?

It appears FreeLAN has outsourced its support to Stack Overflow: How to set up freelan. How does Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange go about signing them up as a client? -Is there an internal sales ...
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Mark question as a bug or enhancement to the framework it deal with - Enhancement to Stackoverflow [duplicate]

99% of the times SO question deals with question that their cause is due to not knowing how to use something or not using it correctly. However in 1% of the cases, the problem is in the framework that ...
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Answers/comments that discourage posting on SO but ask users to post on the vendor's site itself

I asked this question on Stack Overflow. There was a comment that such question should be first asked on the vendor's website. However, in this case, the vendor of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft, ...
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