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Should one post enhancement requests to Stack Overflow if a developer asks for it? [duplicate]

I'm currently trying to find out where to ask a question regarding a program (i.e a specific extension in Visual Studio Code). The question isn't about a bug, nor do I expect there to be an "answer" ...
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Is questions asking a product's End of Life on-topic?

Is this question asking Apache Tomcat 7.x End Of Life Date, on-topic? I flagged it as "off-topic" but it got aged away. I thought to ask in meta before I re-flag it.
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Is the SO link on Modern.IE officially approved? [duplicate]

When you install a Windows VM from Microsoft's Modern.IE site, they have a big box on the page saying Need help with a bug? Tag your issue with Internet Explorer on Stack Overflow I did that ...
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Are questions regarding Apple's terms for app publishers valid on Stack Overflow, or any Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

I need clarification on an Apple policy and I'd like to ask the community for perspective. I don't think this is on topic on Stack Overflow, but I think it might be within the Stack Exchange network. ...
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Where should I ask about Apple's cryptography export compliance setting? [duplicate]

I found this on SO, but it was closed as off-topic. I'd like clarification on my particular scenario (no custom network call, just CloudKit/iCloud Drive).
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Are questions about publishing on-topic? [duplicate]

Publishing is a very vast topic as it is associated to many technologies. We also have the publish publishing tags. IMHO questions about publishing are: a practical, answerable problem that is ...
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Using SO for code bugtracking & reporting: acceptable or not? [duplicate]

Just wondering about community "acceptable practice" here: I've noticed that a few folks involved in building and releasing code packages for various languages (e.g. Matlab and R that I know of) ...
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Doubt on closing (or not) a question related to programming but that does not fit a specific topic [duplicate]

I'm asking here beacause in a previous answer (Where can I ask questions that don't fit or are off-topic for Stack Overflow?) I cannot find a specific reponse for it. The following SO question ...
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Can I ask question about terms of cloud services or generally services that are strictly for developers on Stackoverflow?

I am going to deploy ASP. NET MVC 5.1 application. I don't know if there are cheaper solutions than Azure which will work with ASP .NET MVC 5.1 or there are some catches in terms of Microsoft Azure. ...
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How to handle a question from an end user? [duplicate]

I was going through the review queue and Error: Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.Byte[]' was presented to me. The OP is an end user and they are getting an exception on a ...
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Companies using SO as a technical forum [duplicate]

I was just about to suggest closing How to set a form readonly (how to avoid the stay - leave popup), explaining it doesn't it look like a programming issue, and that OP should consult the people at ...
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New tag request: [stripe]

I have just asked this question: Stripe Cancel one payment in subscription? I tried to tag it with stripe however it's currently not an available tag and it suggested to ask in Meta about creating it. ...
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Contacting mpdf project: SO is not the best place for their support questions

Context While going through review queues, I noticed this message, which is a legitimate support request for the mpdf tool but not a good question on SO. When I went to the project to look for a ...
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What topics (software) can I ask questions about

Can I ask questions in regards to software that's not necessarily main stream. I'm a developer of a ERP/inventory system and my clients wants to know if they can ask questions on stack overflow?
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How to address a question asking about a bugged feature in a product? [duplicate]

I recently found a question about WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux, currently in beta) asking about support for 32bits binary. Currently, WSL doesn't support them, and the issue is logged in their ...
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