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Flag for asking about product support? [duplicate]

I recently flagged a question asking about when support will end for a product. I thought about flagging as off topic due to asking for offsite resources but i thought it didn't quite fit, so I used a ...
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How to handle "When will X be released?" questions? [duplicate]

I see many questions on Stack Overflow like the title, asking when a new version of some software or library will be released. Are those kind of questions appropriate for Stack Overflow? Should I flag ...
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Should the [Rocket.Chat] tag be removed on Stack Overflow?

The Rocket.Chat project is pointing to Stack Overflow for part of their support, as it can be seen from the list of questions on Stack Overflow and from their contact page pointing to the ...
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Instagram is *still* using Stack Overflow as a support forum

In 2014, a user asked if we could Reach out to Instagram about outsourcing their customer support to Stack Overflow. At the time, Brad Larson concluded: I just looked over the last month's ...
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What should be done with questions that ask for nonexistent resources?

Today, someone asked where they could find official documentation for the Swift runtime. The question was quickly downvoted and judged too broad (because it asked for too many things) and/or off-topic ...
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Are questions on prices or support of developer services on topic? [duplicate]

Can I ask questions like these on Stack Overflow: How long did it usually take to get response from GitHub support? How much will I pay right now, if I change GitHub paid plan in the middle of ...
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Should I report bugs/issues with applications on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I sometimes encounter a buggy/unexpected behavior in applications which have an issue tracker. Should I then raise a question on Stack Overflow, or is it irrelevant to the site? There was a comment ...
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Reach out to GeoIP about outsourcing their developer support to Stack Overflow

As you can see from, GeoIP are outsourcing the support of their free product (which has a paid edition) to Stack Overflow. From Third-party development ...
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How can I get support on Google's Progressive Web Apps? [duplicate]

The official Google's Progressive Web Apps page, links to Stack Overflow to "Get support". But when I tried to ask support about Progressive Web ...
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Autodesk is directing all support questions to Stack Overflow [duplicate]

While reviewing a "me-too" non-answer to this question, I was baffled by this reply: Under which conditions is it acceptable for a company to send their customers to SO, treating it as their help ...
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What to do with tags related to email service providers (gmail, outlook, hotmail, yahoo, ...)?

This question is derived from `gmail` and `gmail-api` tags look to be both about the Gmail RESTful API. What should be done to properly tag questions related to Gmail?, more specifically from the ...
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Is this up-to-date: "Can I support my product on this site?" [duplicate]

I was wondering if I could support my product on SO. So I went searching and found this link: Types of questions and where to ask: How do I? --...
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Is it reasonable to explicitly say what's off-topic in a tag wiki?

The linkedin tag is still receiving plenty of junk questions (background), with a lot of users stating they were sent here by LinkedIn (e.g. here). I thought it might be useful to add some material to ...
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How to flag an unanswerable question

Sometimes, a question pops up which can not be answered by the community. These questions are often aimed at the developers of a certain plugin/framework. Yesterday I encountered one of those ...
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Does third party use of SO exempt questions from quality standards [duplicate]

I just came across this in the reopen queue. The comment mentions that the third party vendor is now using SO for support. It implies that maybe different standards should apply just because of that....
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