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How should I respond to internal errors in SaaS products? Is it acceptable to suggest contacting customer support as an answer?

These days (supported) SaaS/PaaS software and managed solutions are becoming more predominant in the world of programming. As a result I am frequently seeing questions that effectively can be reduced ...
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How to handle questions about other sites or services?

For example, consider this question: To me it's clear that the linked question may not be answerable. First of all, there's no way we can even replicate ...
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Is it appropriate that specific frameworks completely outsource their Q&A management to SO? [duplicate]

I am having a little discussion in comments regarding this question. Here's the question as a screenshot (since it's likely to be deleted): I don't think this question can be appropriately and ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as "user forum" for product support? [duplicate]

I was looking at a question installing WSO2 Governance Registry on Oracle. Basically it's just a long Java Exception stack. Normally I would have voted to close this, as Off Topic. But I like to ...
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Should the Docker tag discourage "general support" questions?

The docker tag was recently updated with the text: GENERAL DOCKER SUPPORT IS OFF-TOPIC. Support questions may be asked on I'm not really sure what "general docker support" ...
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What about Microsoft Office Store support? [duplicate]

I just stumbled on the office-store tag and looked over some of the questions. Most of them seem to revolve around the theme of "why was my app rejected" or be specific questions targeting the Office ...
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When is a Paypal question on topic? [duplicate]

I made the mistake of allowing myself to get sucked into this question regarding opening an account with Paypal. The OP has picked up on Paypal's suggestion on their developer's page that support ...
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Should a question be closed as off-topic even though a tag exists?

My question refers to this question. I have voted to close as I feel that questions about Apple's app submission processes are off-topic as they are not questions about programming. This is not the ...
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Should this question about bug reports be closed? [duplicate]

I just failed a Close Review audit for this question. I voted to close it as "too broad", but the system thinks it's a good question and should stay open. I disagree, because the question amounts to "...
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Should this question about changing color settings in Google Colab remain open or be closed?

While reviewing First Posts, I came across an audit regarding this question (how to change theme in google colab?? I need dark theme like Jupyter notebook has). I believe that the post is blatantly ...
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How do I flag questions about third-party APIs?

I am reviewing posts in the Triage queue and came across this one (Call Of Duty API - How can I get a list of all user platforms by entering username only?) which IMO basically boils down to the ...
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Is it OK for businesses to use Stack Overflow as their official support-forum? [duplicate]

I was interested in this question, and light-heartedly searched Google for other websites that duplicate/copy Stack Overflow, and I came across this. SagePay seems to be using Stack Overflow as their ...
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Should questions in the [faq] tag on Meta have "canonical links"?

I noticed in the revisions of Why is "Can someone help me?" not a useful question? that an attempt was made to add a "canonical link" to the question, apparently intended for ...
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Is 'Is x open source?' on topic? [duplicate]

I remember I saw this type of questions numerous times, but seems their fate is quite different. Now some of them are still open: Is Xamarin Open Source? Is JavaFX open source? Is Intel XDK open ...
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When does a product become eligible to get its own tag + other related tag lifecycle questions

Right now, this is a hypothetical question, but I'm asking it because I may soon be in a position where it would become a reality and I don't really feel like doing the wrong thing. Consider this ...
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