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1k views redirecting to Stack Overflow as "forums"

On the front page of, there is a link marked "Forums". Clicking this link brings you to Stack Overflow, to all questions tagged typescript. This one's a little different than ...
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Should we do something about vendor redirecting questions to SO?

I found this question where the OP says in a comment that he contacted DocuSign Customer Support and got this answer: Hello, Thank you for contacting DocuSign Customer Support. Kindly post your ...
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Could a question asking about a lack of reply from LinkedIn have been salvaged by editing?

I flagged this question (now deleted) as Very Low Quality because I couldn't see any way it could be fixed by editing: We have applied to LinkedIn API partnership program, its been 20 days, still ...
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Are bug report-ish questions in the scope of SO?

I've found this question about a possible bug in Google App Purchases and was about to flag it because I think it doesn't belong on SO, but should be reported as a bug to the relevant tracker. ...
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Can we burninate [microsoft-certifications]?

microsoft-certifications I just saw this tag in a question regarding which certification path to follow, which was rapidly closed as off-topic. I went ahead and removed this tag from 12 out of the ...
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Users doing Google first-level customer support

I have a slight issue with the behavior of a few users here. I won't link to them specifically, but they all have (or had) the same "About me" in their profile which says (or used to say): ...
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Customer support vs. spam

In today's review I ran across two answers by the same user that I was unsure if it was appropriate to flag as spam. The answers seem to be useful to me. For me the two posts are edge cases. Would a ...
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What do we expect users to do when the quality filter rejects their title?

I am attempting to ask a question about what the replacement mechanism is for Apple's now-deprecated System Settings bundles for tvOS applications. In doing so, I had a bit of difficulty coming up ...
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Are "what technology does FooBarApp use?" questions on-topic? [duplicate]

See title. If FooBarApp is open-source, is such a question off-topic because the question is answered by an off-site resource (the source code itself)? If FooBarApp is closed-source, is such a ...
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Don't feel blue about [bluehost]

The godaddy tag is in the process of being burninated. Recently, I noticed another web hosting company attracting a lot of questions: Bluehost with bluehost containing 290 questions right now. Should ...
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Reach out to Travis-CI about outsourcing their support to Stack Overflow

As previously noted in one of the comments on this question, the "Ask a Question" link on the Travis CI website simply redirects to the Stack Overflow "Ask" page, with the travis-ci tag added ...
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I didn't ask for this ducky tag, but I can live with it. Does it belong here?

To my greatest surprise, a rubberduck tag was recently created on SO. This was my reaction: I could never have dreamed of a rubberduck tag being created on SO! ...still, I think this question would ...
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What can we do with questions where the only response is "contact the vendor"?

Take for instance: WriteFile returning error code 995 The comment discussion diagnosed this question to a likely driver problem with a USB-serial device. Should we wait for the OP to provide a ...
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Are questions about iTunes Connect on topic on Stack Overflow?

This question was asked today, regarding some aspect of Apple's site that had 'disappeared'. Apple's policy on what it does or does not make available is clearly off-topic, but the OP decided that ...
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Are questions asking for a release date on topic?

There are plenty questions asking about release dates: Are those on topic? If yes: shall we make those community wiki (as there is ...
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