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When does a product become eligible to get its own tag + other related tag lifecycle questions

Right now, this is a hypothetical question, but I'm asking it because I may soon be in a position where it would become a reality and I don't really feel like doing the wrong thing. Consider this ...
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Companies using SO as a technical forum [duplicate]

I was just about to suggest closing How to set a form readonly (how to avoid the stay - leave popup), explaining it doesn't it look like a programming issue, and that OP should consult the people at ...
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Is it reasonable to explicitly say what's off-topic in a tag wiki?

The linkedin tag is still receiving plenty of junk questions (background), with a lot of users stating they were sent here by LinkedIn (e.g. here). I thought it might be useful to add some material to ...
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What to do with tags related to email service providers (gmail, outlook, hotmail, yahoo, ...)?

This question is derived from `gmail` and `gmail-api` tags look to be both about the Gmail RESTful API. What should be done to properly tag questions related to Gmail?, more specifically from the ...
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How should Stack Overflow improve its response to questions moderators consider self promotion?

First some quick background: A few weeks ago I was working with VS Code and noticed they had created an issue template such that any Questions that would otherwise have been asked in their GitHub repo ...
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Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Beta release of Collectives on Stack Overflow Over the past year, our Reach & Relevance team (description of the team in FAQ) has been heads down working on a new initiative that will enhance the ...
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