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Could a question asking about a lack of reply from LinkedIn have been salvaged by editing?

I flagged this question (now deleted) as Very Low Quality because I couldn't see any way it could be fixed by editing: We have applied to LinkedIn API partnership program, its been 20 days, still ...
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Is covering the technical operational policies of a vendor’s App Store on-topic in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I wonder if this Question, Can I update an app while it's available for Pre-Order in the App-Store, is on-topic in Stack Overflow. It is a technical-oriented question but not exactly programming, and ...
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Should the Docker tag discourage "general support" questions?

The docker tag was recently updated with the text: GENERAL DOCKER SUPPORT IS OFF-TOPIC. Support questions may be asked on I'm not really sure what "general docker support" ...
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New tag request: [stripe]

I have just asked this question: Stripe Cancel one payment in subscription? I tried to tag it with stripe however it's currently not an available tag and it suggested to ask in Meta about creating it. ...
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LinkedIn directing people to SO? [duplicate] Is this really happening? Can we no longer provide comments to the effect of "Take this up with the support team for XYZ Product." ...
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Don't feel blue about [bluehost]

The godaddy tag is in the process of being burninated. Recently, I noticed another web hosting company attracting a lot of questions: Bluehost with bluehost containing 290 questions right now. Should ...
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How to flag an unanswerable question

Sometimes, a question pops up which can not be answered by the community. These questions are often aimed at the developers of a certain plugin/framework. Yesterday I encountered one of those ...
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Create a product tag, or are they all off-topic?

I came across a question that mentioned Tuleap (an open source application lifecycle management suite), and not knowing what it was I was surprised there wasn't already a tag for it. A search for ...
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Should this question about changing color settings in Google Colab remain open or be closed?

While reviewing First Posts, I came across an audit regarding this question (how to change theme in google colab?? I need dark theme like Jupyter notebook has). I believe that the post is blatantly ...
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Is there any generic response for questions made about YouTube quota?

After checking this question and several others related with the YouTube quota, I don't find a generic, aceptable answer for these kind of questions - besides this answer, but isn't answering the ...
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Reach out to W3C

W3C seems to be outsourcing questions to the main site: For those who close-voted: Stack Overflow has a great and active community That's true. Nothing ...
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Why am I unable to get my question reopened? [duplicate]

I would be grateful if somebody could explain why my several attempts to get the following question reopened have failed. Why can't I change my callback function name? I am looking for a detailed ...
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Should questions in the [faq] tag on Meta have "canonical links"?

I noticed in the revisions of Why is "Can someone help me?" not a useful question? that an attempt was made to add a "canonical link" to the question, apparently intended for ...
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Contacting mpdf project: SO is not the best place for their support questions

Context While going through review queues, I noticed this message, which is a legitimate support request for the mpdf tool but not a good question on SO. When I went to the project to look for a ...
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Need help creating tags for 3D Robotics APIs [duplicate]

At 3D Robotics, we released a set of API's to build apps for drones last week and we want to use Stack Overflow to direct support questions. We would like to have some tags created since no one on the ...
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