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Can we burninate [microsoft-certifications]?

microsoft-certifications I just saw this tag in a question regarding which certification path to follow, which was rapidly closed as off-topic. I went ahead and removed this tag from 12 out of the ...
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"SO is not customer support for [your favorite company]", but where is the boundary?

WRT this question and its answer: Why we're not customer support for [your favorite company] One may possibly say that with Java-related question, you should ask Oracle. Any .NET-related ...
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Sage Pay support directs to Stack Overflow [duplicate]

The Sage Pay support page appears to direct users to ask all support questions on Stack Overflow. According to several meta posts on the topic, this is something we would prefer the company not do. ...
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I want to consolidate all tags referencing [sikuli...] (currently 4) into one tag named [sikulix]

I am the developer of SikuliX, that by historical reasons has its Q&A board at Launchpad. During this year, I want to move to here and phase out Launchpad. Since Sikuli(X) exists since 2011, ...
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Spotify is suggesting to use Stack Overflow for customer support

The Tweet in question “I’d love to talk to some developers about it”. - Jay Hankins “Thanks for the heads-up. You can ask our dev team at for more info. They'll be able to ...
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Should FAQ questions use consistent terminology & formatting for canonical link/quick link?

I noticed that five of the pages in FAQ Index for Stack Overflow have an inline code block link to itself at the bottom of the question: Why not upload images of code/errors when asking a question? ...
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Reach out to Travis-CI about outsourcing their support to Stack Overflow

As previously noted in one of the comments on this question, the "Ask a Question" link on the Travis CI website simply redirects to the Stack Overflow "Ask" page, with the travis-ci tag added ...
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Asking questions about APIs negatively perceived

I have to ask, as I see in a previous question that Software Recommendations is the appropriate place to ask questions about a specific library when we're talking about billing, changes, or anything ...
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Users doing Google first-level customer support

I have a slight issue with the behavior of a few users here. I won't link to them specifically, but they all have (or had) the same "About me" in their profile which says (or used to say): ...
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How can I make my question non-opinion based?

Why use assertions and preconditions when you can use guard statements, forced unwrapping and error handling? I'm just trying to understand where/why Apple has added this syntax. Would writing the ...
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Should we nuke [appstore-approval] tag?

I see that appstore-approval tag questions are nothing about programming. Tag itself says: App store approval is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Questions marked with this tag concern the approval ...
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Should we do something about vendor redirecting questions to SO?

I found this question where the OP says in a comment that he contacted DocuSign Customer Support and got this answer: Hello, Thank you for contacting DocuSign Customer Support. Kindly post your ...
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Flag for asking about product support? [duplicate]

I recently flagged a question asking about when support will end for a product. I thought about flagging as off topic due to asking for offsite resources but i thought it didn't quite fit, so I used a ...
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Should we have a separate tag for the IBM Swift Sandbox?

The IBM Swift Sandbox is "an interactive website that lets you write Swift code and execute it in a server environment – on top of Linux!" In the past, questions regarding running Swift on Linux have ...
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Can I ask question about terms of cloud services or generally services that are strictly for developers on Stackoverflow?

I am going to deploy ASP. NET MVC 5.1 application. I don't know if there are cheaper solutions than Azure which will work with ASP .NET MVC 5.1 or there are some catches in terms of Microsoft Azure. ...
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