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Should the [Rocket.Chat] tag be removed on Stack Overflow?

The Rocket.Chat project is pointing to Stack Overflow for part of their support, as it can be seen from the list of questions on Stack Overflow and from their contact page pointing to the ...
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This tag should be [blocked]

Related: Why we're not customer support for [your favorite company] There is currently a blocked tag. Many of the questions are customer support "how do I get my account unblocked?" questions, ...
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Can I ask about the possible design of a proprietary software given the observed behavior?

I've written a question along the lines of "How does WhatsApp's View Once feature work", where I ask what the existence of such a feature implies in terms of API offered by the OS and used ...
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Instagram is *still* using Stack Overflow as a support forum

In 2014, a user asked if we could Reach out to Instagram about outsourcing their customer support to Stack Overflow. At the time, Brad Larson concluded: I just looked over the last month's ...
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How should I respond to internal errors in SaaS products? Is it acceptable to suggest contacting customer support as an answer?

These days (supported) SaaS/PaaS software and managed solutions are becoming more predominant in the world of programming. As a result I am frequently seeing questions that effectively can be reduced ...
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How to handle questions about other sites or services?

For example, consider this question: To me it's clear that the linked question may not be answerable. First of all, there's no way we can even replicate ...
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What is the problem with this question? Extremely similar questions have been well received [duplicate]

I have recently asked a question on Stack Overflow regarding a compiler bug in VBA. The exact bug I described has never been described online before, at least to my knowledge. It is a variation of a ...
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What should be done with questions that ask for nonexistent resources?

Today, someone asked where they could find official documentation for the Swift runtime. The question was quickly downvoted and judged too broad (because it asked for too many things) and/or off-topic ...
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We're NOT out of [compliance]

compliance 50 questions. Nearly every last one is about policy compliance, which is not related to software development (falls under support for your favorite company). The few that aren't could be ...
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Reach out to Sony

Sony seems to be outsourcing their support for their SDKs to Stack Overflow. Re: From their site: Support from ...
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Should I report bugs/issues with applications on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I sometimes encounter a buggy/unexpected behavior in applications which have an issue tracker. Should I then raise a question on Stack Overflow, or is it irrelevant to the site? There was a comment ...
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Answers/comments that discourage posting on SO but ask users to post on the vendor's site itself

I asked this question on Stack Overflow. There was a comment that such question should be first asked on the vendor's website. However, in this case, the vendor of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft, ...
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Are questions like "Where do I report bug for product/platform/sdk X?" on-topic?

NOTE: this question was briefly, wrongly, closed as duplicate of another. This question is about whether asking where to report a bug for a platform is on-topic. The duplicate was about whether a ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as "user forum" for product support? [duplicate]

I was looking at a question installing WSO2 Governance Registry on Oracle. Basically it's just a long Java Exception stack. Normally I would have voted to close this, as Off Topic. But I like to ...
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Are questions of the form "Is there a way to do ..." not allowed?

If I post those types of questions, they are closed as "seeking recommendations". Protecting Azure consumption plan from DDoS attacks update The close reason of the above question was ...
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