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How can I make my question non-opinion based?

Why use assertions and preconditions when you can use guard statements, forced unwrapping and error handling? I'm just trying to understand where/why Apple has added this syntax. Would writing the ...
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Where should I ask about Apple's cryptography export compliance setting? [duplicate]

I found this on SO, but it was closed as off-topic. I'd like clarification on my particular scenario (no custom network call, just CloudKit/iCloud Drive).
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Where is it appropriate to ask questions about Technical Certifications? [duplicate]

Where is the appropriate place to ask questions surrounding technical certifications? Like Microsoft MCP exams and other industry certifications. I'm referring to questions surrounding exam prep ...
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Where to ask about problems involving submitting an app to the Mac App Store [duplicate]

I am struggling to submit my application made in Unity to the Mac App Store, mainly due to my lack of understanding of certificates, etc. As I have struggled to find any answers online that address ...
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Sage Pay support directs to Stack Overflow [duplicate]

The Sage Pay support page appears to direct users to ask all support questions on Stack Overflow. According to several meta posts on the topic, this is something we would prefer the company not do. ...
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Reach out to W3C

W3C seems to be outsourcing questions to the main site: For those who close-voted: Stack Overflow has a great and active community That's true. Nothing ...
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How can I get support on Google's Progressive Web Apps? [duplicate]

The official Google's Progressive Web Apps page, links to Stack Overflow to "Get support". But when I tried to ask support about Progressive Web ...
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Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

The largest problem facing the site today is the flood of terrible questions coming in, mostly from new user accounts. I've mentioned this before, but I suspect that some of the worst of this is due ...
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Instagram is *still* using Stack Overflow as a support forum

In 2014, a user asked if we could Reach out to Instagram about outsourcing their customer support to Stack Overflow. At the time, Brad Larson concluded: I just looked over the last month's ...
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How to handle "When will X be released?" questions? [duplicate]

I see many questions on Stack Overflow like the title, asking when a new version of some software or library will be released. Are those kind of questions appropriate for Stack Overflow? Should I flag ...
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TicketMaster support sending customers to a "forum" - here

A new user just posted news of a TicketMaster feature release as a question. This clearly isn't a question and isn't a good fit for SO. As such, I tried to point out that SO isn't a traditional ...
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Is 'Is x open source?' on topic? [duplicate]

I remember I saw this type of questions numerous times, but seems their fate is quite different. Now some of them are still open: Is Xamarin Open Source? Is JavaFX open source? Is Intel XDK open ...
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Are questions like "Where do I report bug for product/platform/sdk X?" on-topic?

NOTE: this question was briefly, wrongly, closed as duplicate of another. This question is about whether asking where to report a bug for a platform is on-topic. The duplicate was about whether a ...
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Should we have a separate tag for the IBM Swift Sandbox?

The IBM Swift Sandbox is "an interactive website that lets you write Swift code and execute it in a server environment – on top of Linux!" In the past, questions regarding running Swift on Linux have ...
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I didn't ask for this ducky tag, but I can live with it. Does it belong here?

To my greatest surprise, a rubberduck tag was recently created on SO. This was my reaction: I could never have dreamed of a rubberduck tag being created on SO! ...still, I think this question would ...

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