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SE/SO crossover question with different answers? [duplicate]

This is kind of a weird question, but hear me out. What do you do if you have a question where you don't know were it best belongs because you don't have the answer to the question yet? This is kind ...
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Is it OK to duplicate question across sites to get larger attention? [duplicate]

As I remember I've seen some questions saying it is migrated. I know a question gets migrated when it is closed as off-topic but it could be fit on another Stack Exchange site. Obviously only ...
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Can I repeat the question in different communities in Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I have posted n question in Unix&Linux community. Can I also put the question in Stack Overflow community in order to get more answers from more people?
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Is it OK to post your question on multiple communities? [duplicate]

Currently, I have a problem with Ubuntu that is programming related. So is it OK if I post my question on both Ask Ubuntu and Stack Overflow? And if the answer is "you should only post on one": which ...
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Can I ask a question on Stack Overflow that I already asked on Code Review? [duplicate]

If the question is also suited for Stack Overflow, should I delete it from Code Review if I didn't have any answers on it and ask it on Stack Overflow, or can I keep both alive?
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Should I flag a crosspost for deletion? [duplicate]

I bumped into two questions which are exact copy-and-paste duplicates; one on SO and one on DBA. There's a solid community consensus that crossposts are bad, 'mkay, but should I flag one for deletion ...
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How to report user posting same question on several Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

For example, the same question was posted by the same user on: Stack Overflow: How to use IO Buffer with defined location in VHDL? Electrical Engineering: How to use IO Buffer with defined location ...
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Can I post the same question on Stack Overflow and GameDev? [duplicate]

Is there any etiquette around posting the same question on two (or more) Stack Exchange sites? I have a question that is programming related, but involves a game I want to write in Cocos2d-X in Lua ...
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May I ask the same question on Stack Overflow if not answered on a different SE site? [duplicate]

On different stacks I've asked a few very specific questions that weren't answered. The newest one I asked on Server Fault. Of course I wouldn't ask it right away on Stack Overflow because I just ...
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Is it correct to post a question more than one Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

I asked a question related to SQL queries, and the answerer told me to ask on dba.stackexchange for the part of my question relative to performance. Is it OK if I copy my post and repost it to the ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a WordPress development question here AND on WP SE? [duplicate]

I know that WordPress SE exists. I am a member and, well, I have more than a few issues with that one SE. I'm trying to learn a whole new skill set (developing within WordPress) and I am starting to ...
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Cross-posting is not prohibited - is that correct?

I flagged this post for moderator attention because it was simultaneously cross-posted on multiple Stack Exchange sites (Stack Overflow and CS.SE). My flag was declined, with the comment: "Cross-...
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A question that fits both to Stackoverflow and Programmers

I think this question fits in Stack Overflow as well as in Programmers. Both the programmer in front of a compiler and the one designing on a flipchart could provide useful insights from their ...
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Is it ok to post an answer on Stack Overflow but a question on Code Review?

I have posted an answer on SO and I was wondering if it is OK to post on Code review in order for people to critique it? I saw this answer about SO/SE cross-posting, but unlike my case it mentions ...
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