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Why is writing an "Update" section in an SO question frowned upon? [duplicate]

A practice I used to follow commonly accross the Stack Exchanges is the inclusion of an "Update", like in this example from the Interpersonal Skills SE: Update 2/6/2018 I won the election! ...
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Editing protocol? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I multiply and divide an array by a scalar, Assembly-C++? Do I put edits and updates before or after previous edits?
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Are Edit: and Update: notes in posts encouraged? [duplicate]

I recently had a comments discussion in which I disagreed with someone as to whether "Edit:" or "Update:" notes are a good thing in post amendments. My interlocutor said that there used to be a ...
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Why the backlash against poor questions?

Disclaimer: I'm a new user to SO in terms of posting questions and comments, and more generally being interested in the site beyond it being the first hit in Google for my programming question. Sorry ...
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How to encourage newbie programmers without enabling "hold my hand" comment streams?

One reason I participate by answering questions on SO is to help newbie questioners learn the trade we share. It's an altruistic, "give-back", sort of thing for me. I look for questions that offer ...
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What's the policy on down voting previously correct but now outdated answers?

As we know, software changes. Perfectly good, accepted and up voted answers can become obsolete over time. Earlier today a user left a comment on one of my older answers pointing out that it is now ...
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Removing reputation for rejected edits

Bad edits are a perennial topic here. I bring them up myself fairly frequently because the problem seems to be getting worse. I feel that our reputation model is partially to blame: at the +2 rep per ...
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Improving an accepted but wrong answer

I recently posted an answer to this question, and was dismayed to see that the asker accepted an answer that was (in my opinion) plain wrong. Briefly put, the question was asking whether SQL Server ...
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Should we discourage the use of <h1>/<h2> at the very start of an answer? [duplicate]

I’ve noticed that some answers start with a a <h1>/<h2> not to structure the answer in different parts --there’s only one-- but to attract eyeballs. I guess there can be legitimate uses; ...
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Does this place value form over function?

I'm asking with respect to some edits made to a one of my questions (10k+). They were: Removed synopsis of root cause in title Put an error message and code into a quote block Removed two "...
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Asking for help from specific users [duplicate]

I have a situation: I found the answer to my question (the similar question was asked before and someone gave answer to it), but I have additional questions regarding the given answer. I cannot post ...
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Credit for commentators - best practice and SO community view [duplicate]

I have recently had a small debate here, where I advocated for the person answering a question to mention a commentator. This commentator had posted the backbone algorithm of the answer in a question ...
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How to fix kerning issue with 'T' and ':' when using bold formatting

Some of the text blocks in SO contain this: This looks a bit cryptic since the : merges with the T The same happens for T followed by ;, [, !, ", ... and some capital letters. Can this be fixed ...
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Rejected edit that does not change the intent, but reviewers say it does

Here is a suggested edit I made which was rejected: I'm asking because I find a high rejection rate for suggested edits (why do these not go ...
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How do I improve visibility of a question as a newcomer? [duplicate]

I see my question has been marked as a duplicate of What do I do if my question has received no answers or comments? However all of the answers given in this post (with the exception of going to ...
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