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Is it known that user can recover from "asking ban"? [duplicate]

Some time ago I asked a question about making custom binary file handlers, and it got deleted pretty quick (1 day to be closed, and 10 days to be deleted) and after that every time I have a problem I ...
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I am unable to ask a question on Stack Overflow due to reaching the question limit [duplicate]

I am unable to ask a question from my Stack Overflow account. It shows the below error: You have reached your question limit. Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the ...
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Are question bans only lifted following improvements to your questions? What other positive contributions also count? [duplicate]

I'm currently under a question ban. Yes, it's annoying, but it's obviously my fault for being careless. I'm working on getting out of it now, and I've tried everything I can to improve my questions. ...
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Will correcting other users' questions remove my question ban? [duplicate]

After the question ban I have had during these days, I tried editing questions (not my own) and gained some reputation. Will it have any effect on removing the question ban? Please don't mention ...
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You have reached your question limit [duplicate]

Sorry for asking a question like this since it was asked multiple times, but I can't figure out why I'm getting banned from asking question. I have only two questions, none of them has negative score ...
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I can't get out of my question ban because no one is voting for my new questions

I've been in a question ban for about 4 years, and have had no luck getting out. I've been asking the occasional question in hopes of getting votes to get out, but so far, they haven't been getting ...
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Help new users by making tagging smarter

Stack Overflow tagging is... well, it works. Kind of. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. There's a few problems I've noticed, and I think there's low hanging fruit to helping new users (since that's now ...
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Why am I still answer banned? [duplicate]

I tried providing genuine answers on Stack Overflow, but I am still answer banned. I wrote two answers yesterday without any link to my product, but I am still answer banned. I spent enough time to ...
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No chance given for a new question after 6 months question ban [duplicate]

From Help Center > Asking: Does the ban last forever? If you're unable to improve your existing questions, you'll get the chance to ask a new one 6 months after your last question. If that ...
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Suggestion: Review Queue for Question from Banned Users

I have a suggestion to allow users to positively get back into contributing to the SO community and I searched google to no avail so I'm hoping this isn't a duplicate. What if users were allowed to ...
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Remove the quality filters from Stack Overflow for Teams, or allow Team Admins to remove post-bans [duplicate]

One of my accounts in SO teams is blocked from answering with the reason We are no longer accepting answers from this account. Can this be removed? Or allow team admins to lift it. This is not a dupe ...
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Is there any limit to editing of self asked questions? [duplicate]

I had asked a question long back which was resolved, but at the same moment due to increase of downvotes on some of my other questions, I wasn't able to ask more questions. So, I tried to edit one of ...
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What do we expect users to do when the quality filter rejects their title?

I am attempting to ask a question about what the replacement mechanism is for Apple's now-deprecated System Settings bundles for tvOS applications. In doing so, I had a bit of difficulty coming up ...
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Can a moderator collect and send links to me to deleted answers of mine?

I am responding to the suggestion here: What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? Under: How can I find my deleted posts? To: ask a support ...
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What to do about my on-topic self-promoting answers marked as Spam?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow posts: Is JVM for MIPS available? Which JRE or JDK can I manually install on a armv7l linux with less than 55Mb available? I believe that the above ...
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