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Is there any any way to find out why exactly the question ban occured, or is it just an automatic points based system? [duplicate]

Is there any any way to find out why exactly the question ban occured, or is it just an automatic points based system?
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Is there a limit to the amount of low quality answers an account can give? [duplicate]

I've noticed an account which gives low quality answers to numerous questions (1-liners that should be comments). If these are flagged and removed, is there any deterrent to keep that account from ...
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What specific reasons have I recieved a question ban for? [duplicate]

I tried asking a question today on Stack Overflow and received the following error: You have reached your question limit. Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help ...
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Question ban lift acting up - should have been lifted [duplicate]

About 7 months ago I was question banned - I understand the reasons, for the questions I asked were unclear and... Well I see why anyway. I've also since increased nearly 500 rep since, through good ...
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Downvoting questions that were voted to close [duplicate]

I asked a question on SO, How to get a user's account picture in Linux?? a kind user told me that it suits Unix and Linux and not SO. I respected and agreed his opinion, and closed my own question....
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I have a question about my Stack Overflow post

but I forgot to add any details. So now you down, close and delete voted my last hope on any help. We've all seen those posts. It is this back alley that allows users that lack the reputation to ...
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How can I improve my question “win32 function not resolved even when header is included”

Win32 Function Not Resolved even when header is included I got -2 downvotes on this question even though I had revised it. The question is already solved, but the downvotes are taken into account of ...
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Can I have a list or be allowed to view my deleted posts so I can fix my question ban?

I'm wondering if somebody with the reputation/ability can post some URLs to any of my older deleted posts. From what I understand the only way to view them is to have <10K Rep and/or the URL and I ...
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Account banned for 5 questions in 6 months [duplicate]

I have been banned for 6 months, for having 5 questions in 6 months with only one having downvotes. My questions get marked as off topic even though I have read the rules and follow them perfectly to ...
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Why I was blocked to ask questions? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question about getting help to conver a programming language onto another and was blocked to ask again. Why is that ?
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After 6-month long inability to post on SO, my new question received net upvotes, yet no ability to post again [duplicate]

So I had to wait for six months for my account to be able to post on SO again. Then I posted a new question, it received some downvotes, but also some upvotes, so the net result was upvotes. Yet it ...
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What are the reasons for not allowing people to drastically edit off-topic, unanswered, downvoted questions, if they are banned?

Sometimes people get blocked from asking new questions, because a few of their previous ones have been downvoted. The guidance in these cases is for the user to improve his poorly received question, ...
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Why am I question limited? I only have two questions [duplicate]

Why have I reached a question limit? I have only asked two questions.
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My Account on SO is not Accepting Questions, What I do? [duplicate]

You have reached your question limit Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more.
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1 Question Limit [duplicate]

I asked my first question 5 days ago and have not asked a question since. It got 1 upvote, and was answered in comments. When I went to ask a new question 5 days later it says: You have a history ...
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