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Necessary Contribution to Remove Question Ban [duplicate]

I was banned from asking questions with a reputation of around 40. I have been marked the correct answer on two questions, and edited several others resulting in over doubling my reputation (101). Is ...
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Can my badges increase my reputation? [duplicate]

Can my badges increase my reputation? For example, could I use them to start a bounty? Also, I was banned for editing and asking questions; can anyone give some suggestion about how to remove that ...
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How can I get out of questions Ban twice? [duplicate]

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Is my question privilege revoked just because I am less active? [duplicate]

First of all I am banned from asking questions, my first thought was maybe I asked some stupid questions in past but there are no questions from my account. Then I thought maybe I have too many bad ...
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What triggers the question ban? [duplicate]

When will I know I'm getting close to a question ban? Is there an average question score or minimum to watch for? And how much rep do I need to get out of it? Is there not something that indicates ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Question ban for unanswered questions?

I have only asked 2 questions before, here and here, but have answered a few with positive votes. I just received the message "We are no longer accepting questions from this account.", indicating I ...
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I can't ask questions on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

My SO account has been blocked from asking questions. This has been for a while now. I have a reputation of 139. I have a single downvote on a question and the question is closed as "closed as ...
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