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Does banning relatively new users encourage alternative accounts?

NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? I am not asking what to do once an account has been banned. I am asking ...
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What is my mistake here?

I posted a question and described my approach in English in the question details. User X comments that I should show him my code if I want to see his code. I tell him that just as I described my ...
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Is there anything we can do to prevent question blocked users from radically editing their existing questions?

Every so often, but more frequently than we'd like, we get a question blocked user who is so desperate to ask a new question that they take one of their existing questions and completely replace it ...
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Feeling like a grind?

I love SO. I've learned a ton here, and I feel like I'm contributing. I like to help. But lately, it feels a lot like a grind. The questions come at a rapid pace from users who clearly haven't ...
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Should we get rid of the quality-control bans (post bans) in Stack Overflow for Teams? [closed]

While testing out Channels (now known as Stack Overflow for Teams), we downvoted all the posts of a user and made sure that they got answer banned. Does it make sense to have quality control bans in ...
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Do you (or would you) downvote a question or answer before giving the deciding vote to delete it? [duplicate]

There are times when I'll be browsing my favorite tags and find an extremely downvoted question which is closed and has a few delete votes. I'll typically read the post and, if appropriate, downvote ...
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The "why have I been question banned" FAQ isn't very good at effecting a change in behavior

The situation Today I saw another one in the slew and endless torrent of meta questions about "why have I been question banned?". As usual, it was closed as a duplicate of this FAQ entry. ...
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What to do if you are banned from asking a question on that day because of serial downvoting? [duplicate]

Well, I was a victim of serial downvoting on 18th February 2016, as you see below: I was also returned the reputation as you can see Well, but on the same day, I was again serial downvoted: I knew ...
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What to do about my on-topic self-promoting answers marked as Spam?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow posts: Is JVM for MIPS available? Which JRE or JDK can I manually install on a armv7l linux with less than 55Mb available? I believe that the above ...
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Will I get -2 for an edit in removed question?

I've edited some questions and some of them are deleted. So its showing that -2 in my score sheet. What does it mean? The +2 point I got is removed or I'm getting a negative point for the edited ...
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What are the reasons for not allowing people to drastically edit off-topic, unanswered, downvoted questions, if they are banned?

Sometimes people get blocked from asking new questions, because a few of their previous ones have been downvoted. The guidance in these cases is for the user to improve his poorly received question, ...
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How can I track down my answers to deleted questions?

I'm not sure if I'm going mad. I've seen a question, that I'm at least 80% sure I've answered already. I remember writing the code, and I'm at least fairly sure I posted an answer. However, I can't ...
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Was I banned again because a user that upvoted my question was removed?

I had a question ban 6 months ago. I waited patiently, and I got unbanned 2 weeks ago. Carefully I asked one question the other day, which got 1 upvote. Not overwhelming, but it was positive, that ...
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Why can't moderators lift automated bans?

I have seen from various comments and in the rules of Stack Overflow that moderators cannot remove question or answer bans, no matter what. How does the deciding who/for how long to ban and unbanning ...
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What do I do when it's clear OP cannot understand the answer? [duplicate]

If this is a duplicate point me in the right direction, and I'll delete it, but all I found was this, the question it's a dupe of, and this one. Those seem related to the 'show me teh codez' questions....
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