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Can't post question while question banned after 6 months of last question [duplicate]

So apparently I'm question banned on Stack Overflow. My last question was posted on Dec 18 2020, over 6 months ago, and from what I understood you get a temporary lift of your ban after 6 months after ...
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Does deleting many answers lead to anyone getting an answer ban? [duplicate]

I have read previously that deleting too many answers could potentially lead to a ban for further answering questions in the future. Does this apply to all users or just individuals with low ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer accepting questions from my account. How should I go about fixing my existing questions? [duplicate]

As the title states. I've been banned from asking any more questions. Previously, my questions have been downvoted and I've recently tried to improve the quality of my questions. My most recent ...
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Stuck in post-ban [duplicate]

Recently I have got an question ban because of (mainly) this stupid question. I want to fix the question ban and, as expected, I have to edit the old question to get a change to get the question ...
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Can I improve the low-quality question by changing all the text to a new question? [duplicate]

I read this link: How can I get out of a question ban? Begin by improving your existing questions: do as much as possible to make them clear, ...
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Stack Overflow question bans. Questions and Ideas [duplicate]

Before I continue, I just want to say, that I am not mad for my ban. I completely understand it. I just don't understand what was wrong with my questions in the first place and would like to know. I ...
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Would someone help me improve my posts? [duplicate]

I was recently banned from asking questions. This was due, in part, to writing a post requesting textbooks. I hadn't read the rules, which outlaw that kind of thing. I see that the general ...
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Should the question ban provide more information to users? Specifically show older deleted posts [duplicate]

I've stumbled across: "You have asked 4 questions recently", but I have only asked 2 and the numbers do not add up for OP. Is there a way for OP to get more detail as to which questions ...
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Is there any method to bring back my old deleted question to edit? [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted my question. I can't currently change it because I am now question banned, but the question helper is telling me to edit my question in order to get approval. How can I get my ...
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Are question bans only lifted following improvements to your questions? What other positive contributions also count? [duplicate]

I'm currently under a question ban. Yes, it's annoying, but it's obviously my fault for being careless. I'm working on getting out of it now, and I've tried everything I can to improve my questions. ...
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Why am I getting answer ban if I only have just 3 answers with one downvote? [duplicate]

I also checked deleted answers, but all of them have 0 votes. Is this 1 downvote from a guy in a bad mood or something really enough to ban people from answering? Or is there something else? I could ...
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What is the best way to improve your questions to relieve a ban? [duplicate]

I asked 2 questions on my account that were received poorly because I didn't document the problem and steps to reproduce it effectively. One was a question while I was a student and really didn't make ...
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If I cannot ask more questions, what alternative do I have to get more chances for future questions? [duplicate]

I understand that trying to make a very good question can be hard. But the issue I face now is how and when I will be allowed to post more questions at all. Since the questions used at least seem not ...
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I can't ask questions: how do I improve previously asked questions that have no margin for improvement? [duplicate]

I asked some petty questions in the past and hence I cannot ask questions anymore. I would like to lift that ban but it seems there are only two ways to do it. 1) Improve previous questions. 2) Wait ...
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What can I do to get question privileges reinstated on my SO.main account? [duplicate]

I've recently been banned from asking questions on the SO main site. I looked through the help page, and tried to address the problems in my questions, but the majority of my posts have been received ...
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