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Is it of any help to edit old downvoted questions to recover the ability to ask questions? [duplicate]

I have a question that has 2 downvotes and am blocked from asking questions. I keep editing it but wonder if it is of any use because I assume there is no actual review of the edits and that no-one ...
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I have been blocked for nearly a year from asking questions on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

When I first joined Stack Overflow, I wasn't really that good at coding or at asking questions. As a result, I had a block (question ban) put on my account. Now (two years later), I have become ...
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Is there a limit to the amount of low quality answers an account can give? [duplicate]

I've noticed an account which gives low quality answers to numerous questions (1-liners that should be comments). If these are flagged and removed, is there any deterrent to keep that account from ...
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Misleading instructions for Closed question [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow question was closed with the following message: I chose the second option, "post a new one", and invested serious time and effort to improve the clarity of my question ...
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Can my badges increase my reputation? [duplicate]

Can my badges increase my reputation? For example, could I use them to start a bounty? Also, I was banned for editing and asking questions; can anyone give some suggestion about how to remove that ...
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Can you regain your post questions privilege by changing tags? [duplicate]

On my Stack Overflow account, I had some past questions (that I deleted) that had tags like JavaScript and Node.js, but didn't provide any code, as they were only somewhat related. But, the community ...
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My account ban does not seem salvageable; what should I do? [duplicate]

I have 28 posts that are alive and 3 posts that are removed. Among the 28 posts, 3 posts are negative with each being -1, -1, -2. Those are understandable because my questions were really noobish, ...
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I repent asking bad questions. Is there a way to check the status or my question-asking privileges? [duplicate]

Last night I was banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow. Since then, I have read all of the articles linked to in the help center, gone through and edited all of my questions so as to conform ...
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Can I have links to my deleted questions? [duplicate]

I was banned from asking questions and I only have 4 questions that I can see in my profile. There were a few more that were deleted, and I'd like to get links to those, then undelete and edit them. ...
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I think there is a problem with the current way to get back asking privileges [duplicate]

I got question banned some time ago (I apologize for the poor quality of my questions) and so I decided to try to lift it by following the advice that have already been given on the site. So I first ...
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Why hasn't my ban on asking questions been lifted [duplicate]

I know that I was getting lots of down-votes and close-votes on my questions and that's why I was banned. But the thing is, My "positive contributions" do outweigh my negative ones. When I asked ...
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How to tell the date you got question/answer/edit/review banned? [duplicate]

I recently got a question ban (I couldn't ask questions), but the last time I asked one was about two weeks ago, so I would like to know the exact date I got banned. I tried emailing Stack Overflow, ...
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How can I improve my "permanently" bad questions? [duplicate]

I have a lot of questions on SO that have either no votes or a tasty sum of downvotes. I know there are a lot of questions concerning downvotes and how to improve questions, but I'll take it a step ...
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What is my best path forward for shaking off my question ban? [duplicate]

I've been question banned off and on for the last few years, and as far as I can tell I've somewhat gotten the hang of creating proper questions and researching my problems before posting. However, ...
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Why I was blocked to ask questions? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question about getting help to conver a programming language onto another and was blocked to ask again. Why is that ?
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