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My questions no longer being accepted [duplicate]

So far I had asked seven (7) questions on stackoverflow with considerable down-votes. See image below The problem is, I'm a noob when it comes to programming and I'm going through my learning curve. ...
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How should I edit posts to receive upvotes? [duplicate]

I'm writing my questions on Stack Overflow my account. I'd edited my bad posts many times. But, people gave a downvote every time, and there is no upvote. My account has been banned for the past ...
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Why nobody replies to my flags? [duplicate]

I have a question, due to I can't ask questions. I edited this downvoted and deleted question, changed the topic, and flagged this. In a day, nobody replied. I flagged it again. Silence. And again ...
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Need further assistance with lifting my Stack Overflow question ban [duplicate]

My account was question banned about 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've edited all my questions in order to get an upvote and get out of the post-ban, but none of my questions have been upvoted, and my ...
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After 6-month long inability to post on SO, my new question received net upvotes, yet no ability to post again [duplicate]

So I had to wait for six months for my account to be able to post on SO again. Then I posted a new question, it received some downvotes, but also some upvotes, so the net result was upvotes. Yet it ...
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Blocked from replying to questions [duplicate]

I've been blocked (for a month) from replying to any question on Stack Overflow, for replying to lots of questions in a short period. Do you know how to unblock this?
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When does one's account become unbanned? [duplicate]

My main account was banned from asking questions due to asking too many uninteresting questions. Do I have to make new accounts, whenever my older accounts are banned? I find this kinda buries the ...
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Why have I been question banned? [duplicate]

Today I went to ask a question about navigation bars, and found I was question banned. I only have 1 negatively received post (out of 4), and I deleted it once I was told why it wasn't suitable, and ...
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Why is it so hard to get out of jail? [duplicate]

I get 4 downvotes from a question and my account gets banned from asking a question. I work my tail off to get these upvotes, but rarely does anyone vote for my answers, even when they are detailed ...
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Is my question privilege revoked just because I am less active? [duplicate]

First of all I am banned from asking questions, my first thought was maybe I asked some stupid questions in past but there are no questions from my account. Then I thought maybe I have too many bad ...
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How does the automated 'Ask Question' Ban work? [duplicate]

How does the automated system that bans you from asking questions work and why can a moderator not lift that ban? Are there actually statistics that you must reach to lift the ban? The message that ...
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Is there any any way to find out why exactly the question ban occured, or is it just an automatic points based system? [duplicate]

Is there any any way to find out why exactly the question ban occured, or is it just an automatic points based system?
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Voting irregularities is a sin? [duplicate]

I'm not a vampire. I'm a student or learner. I've posted some questions, which may not be on SO. But, I was fresher to surfing the site. My some questions are still unanswered, and some of these got ...
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Is there any limit to editing of self asked questions? [duplicate]

I had asked a question long back which was resolved, but at the same moment due to increase of downvotes on some of my other questions, I wasn't able to ask more questions. So, I tried to edit one of ...
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Why has my account been blocked? [duplicate]

My account has been blocked because I asked a question which wasn't well-received, but the documentation says that I have to review my questions and the system will automatically take it into account....
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