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When will I be able to post questions on my Stack Overflow account again? [duplicate]

I have gotten stuck in a great problem, I am not able to post questions on this site. I have read the article that whenever a user deletes their questions then Stack Overflow blocks that user from ...
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How can just a few votes bring an alert to my privilege of asking questions? [duplicate]

I am now getting this message when I try to ask a question on SO: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, you're in danger being blocked from asking any more. My reputation is ...
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Is there anything to do about an unfair downvote on a clear question? [duplicate]

This is a question about something not clear in of the official Microsoft documentation about C#. The first comment on that question clearly mention that something is actually missing from the ...
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Too many edits—how can I contact a moderator? [duplicate]

I've been banned from asking questions. I have to ask some necessary questions urgently. I found that the only way to remove the question ban is to improve the question quality. So, I edited my old ...
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Flaws in the Stack Exchange system. How to deal with them? [duplicate]

So, after being a user for well over a year, it has become apparent to me that while there are many helpful, wonderful people on this site, there are also incredibly pedantic people that downvote ...
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Why am I banned from asking questions after posting a valid question? [duplicate]

My question, with responses from other users has got me banned. I believe I posted a legitimate question without disrespecting or offending anyone. I figured out the issue in the code after doing some ...
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Why am I banned from answering questions when I have no existing answers? [duplicate]

I'm trying to fix the answer ban against my account but when I go to see my existing answers, in order to improve them, I see that I have no existing answers. So, how do I remove the answer ban from ...
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How to recover from a stackoverflow ban at the beginning [duplicate]

Does stackoverflow have a "smart" process to recover from an initial ban. For example if I have something interesting to share and I use stackoverflow may be I would gain 1 point (or whatever is ...
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My account is blocked from asking questions, and my questions are on hold [duplicate]

I'm a new user. My Question was Answered but also put on Hold due being an unclear question. Later my Account was Blocked. Since my question was answered, I replaced the question on Hold with new ...
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How can I ask a "good question" and not get flagged? [duplicate]

I am trying my best to ask my questions in a format that is acceptable on this platform. I've used the wizard and searched extensively for documentation that gives direction. However, I keep getting ...
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Why am I still banned from asking questions? [duplicate]

Per the advice in this question, I have done: Improve the existing questions Don't delete questions with negative scores I have lots of plus points: I have no recently deleted questions I earn ...
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How can I be sure I am not a victim of someone else's IP address ban? [duplicate]

I have been banned from asking questions. But if you look at my profile I don't have very bad questions. I don't know why I got banned. How can I be sure that I am not a victim of someone else's IP ...
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What should I do if I am post-banned but I can not modify any of my bad questions to be good? [duplicate]

I know, I have three VERY bad questions on my Stack Overflow account. BUT! There is a problem. Those questions are REALLY BAD and I have no way of modifying them to good ones... I can only be un post-...
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My questions no longer being accepted [duplicate]

So far I had asked seven (7) questions on stackoverflow with considerable down-votes. See image below The problem is, I'm a noob when it comes to programming and I'm going through my learning curve. ...
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How should I edit posts to receive upvotes? [duplicate]

I'm writing my questions on Stack Overflow my account. I'd edited my bad posts many times. But, people gave a downvote every time, and there is no upvote. My account has been banned for the past ...
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