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Should I flag a comment "begging" for votes? [duplicate]

There is a user that -after I answered his question- wrote that he "expect me to upvote his question" because he marked my answer as accepted and probably voted it up too. I think this isn't very ...
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How many deleted questions do I have?

I can see that I've got one -5 question deleted, but I'm interested in any others which I can't view. I've been question blocked (probably because of the -5 post) and am not sure where to go now. ...
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Will deleting questions with no comments or answers get me banned from asking? [duplicate]

Well, I guess the title says it all. Sometimes you post a question, and you realize the mistake only after posting it, when you are reading what you have posted. For instance, you post the question ...
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Opinionated question for performance and readability improvements

I have recently asked this question: How to flatten a list of lists without using for loops, where I was looking for suggestions on how to improve the performance and readability of a snippet of ...
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Why did they ban me from asking questions for asking a poor question when I copied a question exactly that was asked at least four other times?

Why did Stack Overflow ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when I copied exactly the same question that was asked at least four other times on Stack Overflow? If it was a so poor ...
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Is it known that user can recover from "asking ban"? [duplicate]

Some time ago I asked a question about making custom binary file handlers, and it got deleted pretty quick (1 day to be closed, and 10 days to be deleted) and after that every time I have a problem I ...
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Increase the amount of reputation a new user starts with

I've been thinking. New users start with 1 reputation. This means downvotes have no effect on their reputation, at least until we get their first upvote. This network is gamified for a reason. There'...
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Help me understand why this question is not focused enough [closed]

Need help understanding why this was flagged as not focused enough: How do I map a url to a specific folder in apache The question got closed for lacking focus and my ask privileges were revoked ...
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