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If you delete a post with downvotes, will you get your reputation back? [duplicate]

What happens when someone downvotes your post and you delete the post? Will you get your reputation back? I have been losing a lot of reputation (from 17 to 9) and lost privileges.
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What is the mathematical logic of question ban?

How does the algorithm get an account question banned? I wonder if anyone knows for example how many down votes you must have to get banned, or how many non-answered questions? Does it consider ...
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Possibility to report/flag/downvote a whole user (instead of an answer) [duplicate]

Sometimes I feel there's a need for downvoting a whole user (not a specific answer). I'll illustrate with an example. Take a look at this guy and, for example, this question: You can see his ...
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Am I being penalized for deleting 0 score non-accepted answers?

Every so often I run through my less-than-great answers and delete those that have not been up-voted or accepted. I started a large purge about a week ago. Everything's been going as expected; I've ...
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Why is my question posted as an answer removed? [duplicate]

There is a question about a particular cmake problem concerning building support for a compiler. I struggle with the same problem that's why I stumbled upon this rather old communication. The guy who ...
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When and how do mature [faq-proposed] posts graduate to [faq]?

In the last year or so, a number of new faq-proposed posts have been written, and have followed the guidelines in that tag's wiki for inclusion in faq. Some of them have made it, but most have not (...
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How to improve this downvoted question

I posted this question in 2016 and has some down votes. Link to the topic: how to use if then else I would like to receive some help to improve this question. I would like to explain what the ...
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What features of the site are available to help make spotting Help Vampires simpler?

TL;DR — Apart from manually comparing notes with the Identifying Help Vampires check list, and manually trawling through users' post history, what tools — if any — does SO/SE provide for Stackers of a ...
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Account blocked after receiving multiple +100 reputation rewards [duplicate]

Last week I open my Stack Overflow account and I noticed I was rewarded +100 points on my multiples accounts on the network: Today I discover that my account on Stack Overflow is blocked: This is ...
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Will correcting other users' questions remove my question ban? [duplicate]

After the question ban I have had during these days, I tried editing questions (not my own) and gained some reputation. Will it have any effect on removing the question ban? Please don't mention ...
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Is the question ban too strict?

Disclaimer: This is not a whine because I got banned. So, as you can guess I got question banned. I understand why the algorithm did that: None of my questions have a positive amount of votes. ...
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Help undelete a question I've updated

I've had a question ban for a while and I've touched up some of my questions. Yet, the ban still has not been lifted, probably due to this question here. I've updated this question and think it makes ...
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Do "deleted" questions ever get deleted?

In my profile, under questions, at the bottom of the page, there's a link to my "deleted questions." I feel that these are weighing me down in my question ban, and really want to get rid of ...
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Why am I getting punished for asking specialized questions? [duplicate]

So I'm getting this message: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more. I understand the quality issue. However, ...
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How to resolve a question-posting issue that is not getting properly resolved?

I posted a question to Stack Overflow yesterday which was rejected because I was told that it doesn't address a programming-related issue. I edited the question with a very detailed explanation of how ...
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