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Are we dupevoting meta questions about post bans too quickly?

I have been around Meta.SO for a while and one of the things that I have noticed is that the community is very quick to dupevote questions about getting out of post bans (question bans and answer bans)...
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Can a moderator collect and send links to me to deleted answers of mine?

I am responding to the suggestion here: What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? Under: How can I find my deleted posts? To: ask a support ...
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How does the Code of Conduct define expulsion?

The current draft of the Code of Conduct contains following image which describes issues handling process. The last part states: Account Expulsion For very rare cases, or moderators will ...
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Do mods know the question banning algorithm?

I know that the question banning algorithm is super secret and all, but I am curious as to whether or not mods can at least see some general information regarding how close someone is to becoming un-...
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Would it be ok to change a downvoted question into a completely different question so you can ask it when post-banned?

I am currently still banned from posting questions on SO (even though my rep has increased more than a 100 points and I now have vote down privilege), and at least one of the questions I see hurting ...
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I don't understand anything on this site [closed]

Firstly, I was banned from posting on Stack Overflow. I asked a question that didn't have enough content in it (I think) to be considered a high-quality question. I didn't receive any warnings in my ...
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Can't there be a direct lift of the ban or the option to specifically answer only questions tagged for the library he is a committer for?

Recently I created the tag pf4j for the Plugin Framework for Java for one of my questions. The committer of the framework would like to answer my question. However, his Stack Overflow account seems ...
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How to make a downvoted post get positive score again?

I have been reading a lot about questions and answers lately, partly because I have been a little bit more involved in the site, partly because of particular issues with my own questions&answers. ...
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When is deleting a question good, and when is it bad?

I just was banned from asking more questions. This post answers the question about how to improve my existing questions. It seems it counts deleting a post a bad action which itself may lead to a ban....
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Why are questions on Meta about improving questions on the main site, themselves usually poorly received?

I have noticed a common pattern: Someone's question(s) on the main site is/are not well received That person comes to Meta to ask about how to improve the question(s), perhaps due to seeing a ...
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What should I do with my answers to locked or low-quality questions?

On occasion, I answer a question, and then one of the following happens: The question gets locked or put on hold. I decide it isn’t a good question and flag to close, but it remains open. It seems ...
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Does earning large amounts of reputation directly affect a question ban?

I have recently been browsing around in the help center, and just a few days ago was reading the post about question bans. The post clearly stated that to aid in getting out of a question ban, one ...
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Reworking the question ban

(Blog Post) - "Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming. It's Time for That to Change." Post bans are arguably the least-welcoming mechanics of Stack Overflow. They work in theory but not in practice. ...
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I got a good trend of reputation on Stack Overflow. What got me banned exactly from asking questions?

Unfortunately, whenever I am going to ask new questions I am getting the error 'I have reached limit'. My latest questions had a good reception. What's happening? I am sorry. Maybe this is an insult ...
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Suggestion: Review Queue for Question from Banned Users

I have a suggestion to allow users to positively get back into contributing to the SO community and I searched google to no avail so I'm hoping this isn't a duplicate. What if users were allowed to ...
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