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Why can't moderators lift automated bans?

I have seen from various comments and in the rules of Stack Overflow that moderators cannot remove question or answer bans, no matter what. How does the deciding who/for how long to ban and unbanning ...
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What do I do when it's clear OP cannot understand the answer? [duplicate]

If this is a duplicate point me in the right direction, and I'll delete it, but all I found was this, the question it's a dupe of, and this one. Those seem related to the 'show me teh codez' questions....
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Downvotes and false accusations of using ChatGPT: how do I handle it?

I am a new contributor who joined yesterday. I have answered some questions, but some people accused me of using ChatGPT when answering questions. I take the time to read the documentation and I give ...
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Can askers delete their questions that have answers?

Something strange just happened to me: I had just written an answer to this question, which I can no longer see, and after posting it, while I was editing it, I got a message saying that the post was ...
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How do I "improve" a terrible post to lift my ban?

I just received a post ban and the FAQ said I need to improve my current 0 vote posts. What if they can't be improved and simply need to be deleted? For example: I have this post from over two years ...
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Are there instances of people recovering from a question ban and going on to be high rep users?

I'm wondering , are there high rep people who were question banned in the past? of course this is not an insult, we all make mistakes and personally I respect the people who fail but then succeed in a ...
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How to make positive contributions while having an answer ban

I already tried a few times to answer a question. But every time, I am told I cannot give answers. I checked the history, and it turns out that I have given 3 bad answers over the last 9 years. Mostly ...
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How many Stack Overflow accounts are banned from asking questions?

I am just curious as to how many accounts (in number or in percentage) are banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow.
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How can other users warn a new user, frequently missing the SO policies for 'How to ask here?'

I've come across this user profile today, which at first glance looks harmless. But the user manages to ask the same question again and again Getting error in Karatsuba's multiplication program [on ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Is it possible (or meaningful) to forbid someone to create a new account to get past a ban?

Recently this question has been on Meta: What is the appropriate way to report someone who created a new account to get around a ban? To me that particular issue there seems like a duplicate ...
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What to do when I'm about to get question banned? [duplicate]

I saw a text when I was about to ask a question that warned me from getting blocked. I've been blocked before but I don't know why. I didn't know what to do so I created this account. Here, again, I ...
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Question ban for unanswered questions?

I have only asked 2 questions before, here and here, but have answered a few with positive votes. I just received the message "We are no longer accepting questions from this account.", indicating I ...
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What should I do when my question is downvoted (and has a negative score)?

What is the proper way to deal with my own question when it is downvoted, and has -2 votes? Should I delete my question? Do nothing? Something else? A commenter said one of my questions (How do I ...
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What do we expect users to do when the quality filter rejects their title?

I am attempting to ask a question about what the replacement mechanism is for Apple's now-deprecated System Settings bundles for tvOS applications. In doing so, I had a bit of difficulty coming up ...
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