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Why am I banned from answering on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I tried to answer a question but apparently I am banned. I only have one question and no answers, so I don't think that it makes sense. If it does, then why?
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It's hard to get out of a question ban on Stack Overflow - can that be fixed? [duplicate]

What is a question ban? Questions bans are triggered by automatic filters by many low-quality questions. The exact formula is secret, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of bad ...
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What can be improved with my questions to prevent 0 votes? [duplicate]

My account was recently banned from asking more Stack Overflow question on grounds of having too many "zero-voted" questions. I'm not sure how to go about getting more upvotes, however. I went ...
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I got answer-banned because I answered instead of commented, but I cannot comment [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do you pack a c++ DLL that can still be injected into a game? Just recently, Jay Hanlon had a blog post posted, which concerned the feelings ...
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Why did asking a question with zero-score cause me to get question-banned without warning? [duplicate]

I recently got hit with this infamous message when I was about to ask a question on Stack Overflow without warning: You have reached your question limit. Sorry, we are no longer accepting ...
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Why am I still answer banned? [duplicate]

I tried providing genuine answers on Stack Overflow, but I am still answer banned. I wrote two answers yesterday without any link to my product, but I am still answer banned. I spent enough time to ...
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I can't ask questions on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

My SO account has been blocked from asking questions. This has been for a while now. I have a reputation of 139. I have a single downvote on a question and the question is closed as "closed as ...
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Why has my account been blocked for asking questions that are very valuable to a new developer? [duplicate]

My account on Stack Overflow has been blocked for asking questions that are valuable for a new developer. But I don't know why my account was blocked: I can understand a downvote for a question, but ...
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Why hasn't the question ban on my account lifted after six months? [duplicate]

I keep getting an error saying I have a question ban. The site then shows me a page of why I may be banned and how to fix it, however; when I view all of my questions each one is positively voted, and ...
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Request to let banned users ask one question every week [duplicate]

I noticed that other Stack Exchange sites allow banned users to post, but they limit the number of posts they can post per week to 1. Why wouldn't this site follow suit? I know the system can be ...
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Does reviewing count as "positive contributions"? [duplicate]

I am stuck with a question ban which makes it really hard for me to use the site. I don't quite understand what I did wrong in my questions and the help page that gets linked isn't helpful at all imho....
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How can I remove a question ban quickly? [duplicate]

I was recently put on a ban(again) because I asked some poorly received questions, which I deleted because they weren't fit for the site, or were duplicates. I visited Why are questions no longer ...
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What triggers the question ban? [duplicate]

When will I know I'm getting close to a question ban? Is there an average question score or minimum to watch for? And how much rep do I need to get out of it? Is there not something that indicates ...
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Question bans aren't a good way to make users improve their questions. Can you remove the 'question ban?' [duplicate]

People like me-they don't ask good questions. They never will until they have asked a ton of questions. I think you should remove the question bans permanently for all users. You could add some sort ...
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Can I delete an existing question which is not accepting anymore answers? [duplicate]

I posted a question that I think is clear enough, but that other people downvoted without giving any comments, as well as not commenting what is unclear about the question. As per my understanding, ...
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