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What would be a recommended/acceptable way to clean up duplicate answers in a single question? [duplicate]

I work in mongodb for most of my time on Stack Overflow. From time to time, I see new answers being added to old, famous questions, which usually duplicate existing (accepted/upvoted) answers. Most of ...
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Flag declined for plagiarized content. Why?

I flagged this answer in this state revision 1 for plagiarized content from this answer, but my flag was declined with this reason: Declined - yes, it's copied, but the poster said "The code ...
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How fair is it for a moderator to decide alone to delete a post without any comment on why the post is deleted?

First off, I want to be clear this post is not against the moderator. Rather, I would like to know on what basis did the moderator delete the post single-handedly and how can you judge that the ...
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Clarification about VLQ flags and Low Quality Posts queue [duplicate]

After reviewing the Low Quality Posts (LQP) queue for some time, I started believing that there is a direct connection between that queue and VLQ flags. The reason is that not all posts in the LQP ...
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Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

As we said in our blog post, Today marks a new beginning for programmers around the world. Stack Overflow is proud to unveil our first venture into hardware, The Key™. We all copy and paste, be it ...
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When the only relevant part of a code-only answer is a poor clone of the accepted answer [duplicate]

I've a few issues with this answer: The only line of it that is relevant to the question ("How do I get the user's desktop folder?") is the first line, ...
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Controversial audit post

In the Late Answers review queue I've come accross this audit post. I was supposed to take action against it. The explanation in the comment says: This does not provide an answer to the question. ...
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Flagging duplicate answer (You-Know-Which) [duplicate]

I've flagged this answer from the question For-each over an array in JavaScript. This answer was posted in 11/01/2018 (dd/MM/yyyy) and mentioned about using forEach method. As we can see, the content ...
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Rejected duplicate answer flags [duplicate]

When reviewing answers to How to resize Image with SwiftUI? I found some duplicate answers: which were ...
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Why was this late yet correct answer deleted by a moderator?

The OP of the question Prevent dotnet core 3.0 from building EXE by default came back to the question a few months after asking it, and self-answered with what had worked from the comments received in ...
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What is considered a repost? [duplicate]

I answered a question. Recently the answer has been deleted. Reason given is repost. It claimed that my answer The easiest solution I found so far is - for stuff in largestring: if stuff.strip(): ...
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Deletion of original answer after its copy was deleted [duplicate]

I had posted an original answer and then its self-identified copy on another question. Both were deleted by a mod saying that identical answers are not allowed. I acknowledge that duplicate answers ...
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How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

This answer is a bad answer of which half the content is irrelevant. The question asks how to insert a string in the middle of another string (and notes that the asker wants to do this numerous times)....
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How to handle cleanup of late blatantly duplicate answers ('surfing') on popular questions

There is a trend of people "surfing" by intentionally posting late blatantly duplicate answers on existing popular questions. This results in rep farming and noise and adds nothing to SO, and often ...
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What about bad new answers to old questions? [duplicate]

I have recently consulted a question found here on Stack Overflow. Most of the answers were from years ago, from people with a considerable reputation here, and they were of good quality, diverse ...
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