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Should posting answers on an old, already-answered, and inactive question be discouraged? [duplicate]

I have a question on Stack Overflow (How does one remove an image in Docker?) which I asked over two years ago, and which was answered in a timely manner by a few people (timely meaning fast ...
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Should an answer get deleted if there's already same answer(s)? [duplicate]

For example, this one (10k users only). The solution is already mentioned in the accepted answer, which was posted one year ago. But this one, posted 5 hours ago, and doesn't improve anything. ...
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How do I vote late answers when there are much better answers? [duplicate]

I saw a late answer, and that answer did not add anything that previous answers had not already said. If the question had no answer, it would be somewhat useful, but now it doesn't add anything. The ...
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Should completely correct answers be downvoted only because they may have repeated certain points in earlier answers? [duplicate]

When an answer to a question, which was asked years ago, is given, the answer is of good quality and completely correct, but it may have repeated certain points already mentioned in earlier answers, ...
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Rejected duplicate answer flags [duplicate]

When reviewing answers to How to resize Image with SwiftUI? I found some duplicate answers: which were ...
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What is considered a repost? [duplicate]

I answered a question. Recently the answer has been deleted. Reason given is repost. It claimed that my answer The easiest solution I found so far is - for stuff in largestring: if stuff.strip(): ...
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What action should be taken on late answers that just rephrase another answer? [duplicate]

I've seen this plenty of times on late or first answers where the person answering the question has either not bother to read the other answers or has blatently copied an accepted answer and just ...
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What can I do with this noisy answers? [duplicate]

More than 6 years ago (in a galaxy far far away) someone asked this question How to get the month name in C#? which get 4 quite good answers within 5 minutes. Then, last year (2015), 4 users (3 with 1 ...
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Flagging duplicate answer (You-Know-Which) [duplicate]

I've flagged this answer from the question For-each over an array in JavaScript. This answer was posted in 11/01/2018 (dd/MM/yyyy) and mentioned about using forEach method. As we can see, the content ...
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What would be a recommended/acceptable way to clean up duplicate answers in a single question? [duplicate]

I work in mongodb for most of my time on Stack Overflow. From time to time, I see new answers being added to old, famous questions, which usually duplicate existing (accepted/upvoted) answers. Most of ...
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Answering an old question with duplicate answer [duplicate]

This question (In a SELECT statement(MS SQL) how do you trim a string) was asked 6 years ago, has 120K+ views and received many answers. It's been inactive for over a year, and before that, 3 years ...
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When the only relevant part of a code-only answer is a poor clone of the accepted answer [duplicate]

I've a few issues with this answer: The only line of it that is relevant to the question ("How do I get the user's desktop folder?") is the first line, ...
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Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

As we said in our blog post, Today marks a new beginning for programmers around the world. Stack Overflow is proud to unveil our first venture into hardware, The Key™. We all copy and paste, be it ...
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How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

This answer is a bad answer of which half the content is irrelevant. The question asks how to insert a string in the middle of another string (and notes that the asker wants to do this numerous times)....
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Why was this late yet correct answer deleted by a moderator?

The OP of the question Prevent dotnet core 3.0 from building EXE by default came back to the question a few months after asking it, and self-answered with what had worked from the comments received in ...
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How many cheaters are caught per month; and what are the most common ways of cheating?

Just to be precise: I am not asking how any cheating-detecting systems are working. I just happened to realize that I had another account on another email address hanging around some years back; and ...
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How to handle cleanup of late blatantly duplicate answers ('surfing') on popular questions

There is a trend of people "surfing" by intentionally posting late blatantly duplicate answers on existing popular questions. This results in rep farming and noise and adds nothing to SO, and often ...
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Why was my NAA flag disputed?

I flagged this post: loop inside React JSX (meanwhile deleted) as NAA. It may look like an answer, but it is just a copy of another anwer plus the user saying that this helped. I even added a comment ...
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Cleaning up popular question with multiple duplicate answers added long after the first one

Following question #pragma mark in Swift? has multiple duplicate (as in copied content) answers that were added long after the first few ones. They don't add any new information nor are useful in any ...
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Question with horrible answers

Following is a question with very special properties: Importance: Bad coding style will affect database security and potential hijacking Relevance to beginners: This is something that even beginners ...
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Controversial audit post

In the Late Answers review queue I've come accross this audit post. I was supposed to take action against it. The explanation in the comment says: This does not provide an answer to the question. ...
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Flag declined for plagiarized content. Why?

I flagged this answer in this state revision 1 for plagiarized content from this answer, but my flag was declined with this reason: Declined - yes, it's copied, but the poster said "The code ...
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Deletion of original answer after its copy was deleted [duplicate]

I had posted an original answer and then its self-identified copy on another question. Both were deleted by a mod saying that identical answers are not allowed. I acknowledge that duplicate answers ...
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How fair is it for a moderator to decide alone to delete a post without any comment on why the post is deleted?

First off, I want to be clear this post is not against the moderator. Rather, I would like to know on what basis did the moderator delete the post single-handedly and how can you judge that the ...
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What to do with duplicated answers?

What should we do when there are two answers that are the same? If I see two answers with some difference between their publication time, and the newer contains almost exactly the same code as than ...
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What about bad new answers to old questions? [duplicate]

I have recently consulted a question found here on Stack Overflow. Most of the answers were from years ago, from people with a considerable reputation here, and they were of good quality, diverse ...
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Late answer is worse than others

This old question just got a new answer that, albeit correct (it does give the desired result), it is by all criteria, worse than the ones already posted in many ways. I think this ought to be ...
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Question with many, many answers that are just localization differences [duplicate]

Go to Matching Brace in Visual Studio? This question has a couple of highly-upvoted answers, then many, many answers that are just variations of In [some language] keyboard, the shortcut is Ctrl + ...
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How to handle multiple duplicate and low quality answers on popular questions?

Popular questions often have a lot of answers. Rarely each of these answers presents a good, unique solution to the problem (also, that could indicate that the question is too broad). In most cases ...
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User posting systematically late (copy-pasted) answers in popular posts [duplicate]

A user has a habit of posting late answers in popular questions that are copy-pasted (somewhat rephrased) from the top answer(s). These posts add no extra info/value to the OP. Deleted copy-paste 2 ...
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Can this audit be removed from the system?

Note upfront: This question is based off of a question I recently asked (poorly). I have drastically narrowed the scope, have further refinements, and removed the old question. I recently failed this ...
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Clarification about VLQ flags and Low Quality Posts queue [duplicate]

After reviewing the Low Quality Posts (LQP) queue for some time, I started believing that there is a direct connection between that queue and VLQ flags. The reason is that not all posts in the LQP ...
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