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Should I accept the only answer (which I could not understand) after finding my answer elsewhere? [duplicate]

A very good person tried to help me but unfortunately I could not understand his answer. Maybe because I have a bad background on that specific subject or he just wrote a bad answer. This was the only ...
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Should I delete a question if I figure out the answer shortly after posting it? [duplicate]

Sometimes I get stuck on something while programming, so I post a question on Stack Overflow to get some help. I have noticed that when I do this, that suddenly I think differently about the problem ...
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What should I do if I find answer on my own question? [duplicate]

So, suppose I posted a question, then some time passed, and then I by my own found answer to this question. What should I do in this situation? Close question, post an answer, or what?
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How to deal with "obsolete" questions which have answers? [duplicate]

I observed that many of my questions either get a correct answer quite quickly (minutes to hours) or very late / never. In the latter case, I often end up somehow working around the problem (...
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When you found an answer to your question yourself, should you delete it? [duplicate]

When you found an answer to your question yourself, should you delete the question to prevent people from making an effort in vain or keep it for others?
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If you figure out your own question yourself, should you take it off the site? [duplicate]

If you ask a question that later you realize you know the answer to, should you remove that question from the site? For instance, I asked a question about a game I was writing in Python but realized ...
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Should one accept an answer if he doesn't need it anymore? [duplicate]

Suppose I am working on developing code, encounter a problem, and ask a question on Stack Overflow. No one answers my question, so I decided to write the code a different way. Later, I get an answer ...
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Should we close questions we find the answer to before someone else does? [duplicate]

A few moments I posted this question. Almost immediately, as I was reviewing my question for spellcheck errors, I spotted the solution. I answered my own question, so that others wouldn't waste their ...
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It is correct to ask and answer your own question even when your question is about an error that you make? [duplicate]

The past three days I've been struggling with an error in my Android app. I literally spent these three days trying a lot of tutorials, including the officials of course, and reading a lot of similar ...
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Questions answered by asker [duplicate]

I've handled a couple of questions from other posters where, after some comments/questions to the OP, they worked out the solution on their own. I've been advising them to post their solution as an ...
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Housekeeping my own self-answered questions

Over the past few weeks I've posted three questions that I've ended up answering myself. Having read the advice in this question about "What do I do with my unanswered questions once I solve it by ...
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What to do when the OP comments his question with "Thanks I solved it"?

I came accross this question. The question hasn't received any answer and only one potentially helpful comment. Yet, the OP managed to find a solution on his own and commented his question with "...
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Would it be an error to delete directly my question?

About questions like this one: would it be a waste to erase them directly after noticing my pitiful mistake? This isn't the first time it happens to me, but the most clear example ever. I convince ...
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