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Should I downvote attempted answers to bad (too broad) questions? [duplicate]

Broad questions like this (now deleted): I have to make one website like using HTML5,CSS3,jQuery and bootstrap so please suggest me from where I ...
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How to deal appropriately with answers posted for obvious help vampire questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across this question that obviously didn't deserve to get an answer, in preserving from getting future researchers the impression, such questions are well formed, and achieved at SO well....
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Downvoted for giving a detailed answer [duplicate]

Once in a while I see users downvoting correct answers and sometimes good answers. The reason for this action being that they are addressing a seemingly bad question. A similar issue happened to me ...
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High reputation users answering totally off-topic question [duplicate]

What is the best course of action when you see high reputation users answering really off-topic question? For instance:
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Getting things right regarding typo questions [duplicate]

Question in question: Quite clearly a typo, so I close-voted as such, downvoted for lack of effort (any basic code editor "...
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Answering low quality questions with quality answers [duplicate]

I keep seeing questions like this one that are poor quality. Basically something along the lines of : "I'm not sure where to start but this is what I want..." "Can someone write this code for me...." ...
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Are answers to (very) poor quality questions a good idea? [duplicate]

Take a question like the below (image rather than link to avoid everyone boarding the "down-vote train"): This is clearly a poor quality question. There's no evidence of any research, no attempts, ...
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Marked as Answered however people keep down-voting my answer [duplicate]

As you can see here, recently someone asked a vague question which I tried to answer as best I could. Clearly it helped the OP as he marked it answered, however I am getting down-votes on this answer. ...
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Down votes for Answers: reason very low quality question! [duplicate]

Is it good to do down votes for all answers for a reason that the question is of less quality? I do not think so... What about you? Is it on Stack Rules for down votes. Got a comment that says: ...
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What's with downvoting perfectly understandable questions and viable answers? [duplicate]

I posted two answers today ( and within minutes of each other and they were both downvoted very quickly. I'm not ...
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Downvoting an answer because the question is unclear [duplicate]

Looking at this question, the OP's intentions are not entirely clear. I have provided an answer based on what I interpret to be the aim, but (I believe) I have been downvoted because: "there is no ...
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If I voted to close, should I downvote all answers? [duplicate]

If I voted to close a question, I usually mean "this question doesn't deserve answers". So it seems natural to vote all answers down. However, voting should always refer to the content; if the ...
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Should I downvote an answer only on its quality? [duplicate]

Is it fair to vote down an answer in the below circumstance? User A has posted a problem but has NOT mentioned what he/she has done so far to solve it. He/She received some comments from other users ...
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Voting strategies [duplicate]

I've recently asked this question: How to deal with users not wanting to accept basic "rules" The question received 9 downvotes, and a lot of comments saying it's cool to downvote correct/...
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Should downvotes be used to punish people who answer bad questions? [duplicate]

In response to this question: The asker comes in with ...
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Downvote Correct (Although not "Good") Answers? [duplicate]

I see questions like this one fairly often. I voted to close (closed now) but the question still gets some answers and a lot times these answers get a bunch of votes. While they are correct they are ...
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Downvoting good answers on bad questions, helpful or not? [duplicate]

What's the community consensus on this? It seems to be a fairly recent behaviour on SO. Is it helpful for the community and long term quality control on Stack Overflow? On the one hand we have ...
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Should rep-hunter answers be downvoted? [duplicate]

I have occasionally downvoted an answer when I was frustrated that a high-rep user (who knew his stuff, obviously) had taken the time to answer a basic, obvious duplicate, rather than find a similar ...
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Should my answer to a bad question have been downvoted? [duplicate]

A recent answer I posted provides precisely what the OP was looking for and yet it has been downvoted, which I do not fully understand. I reckon the question shows a clear lack of research and ...
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If a user answers their own poorly worded question, should the answer be downvoted? [duplicate]

I ran across this self-answered question today. It appears the user was genuinely trying to share helpful knowledge, which is encouraged, and in my estimation the the answer was thorough, well written,...
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When should we downvote answers? [duplicate]

I answered an off-topic question with a correct answer and ended up getting -2 votes (2 upvotes and 4 downvotes). The downvoters' reason for downvoting the answer was: Answering these type of ...
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Canonical “Plz send codez” answer? [duplicate]

We have many answers about what to do about no-effort “Plz send codez” questions, but invariably we get enablers justifying doing these peoples' work for them with remarks like “we were all beginners ...
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Reasons to downvote [duplicate]

I recently came across a poor question, one where the OP put in minimal effort to find the answers. Someone then came along and answered the question, with a simple and correct answer; however, they ...
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Should correct answers be downvoted if a well answered duplicate question exists? [duplicate]

I sometimes see good answers to duplicate questions. I vote to close the question as a duplicate. If the older question has as good an answer as the new duplicate, should I downvote the new answer? On ...
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How should we treat answers to questions that show no effort? [duplicate]

I was looking around on meta to see the community's stance on answering homework questions when I came across this question. While it does seem to confirm my views on the issue, it does open a new ...
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Downvote a good answer on an off-topic question? [duplicate]

This question, import data from dts to ssis, is both a duplicate and off-topic, as far as I can tell. As such, I flagged it as off-topic (flag was marked helpful) and downvoted. I also downvoted the ...
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What is Stack Overflow’s goal?

After reading Sympathetic up-votes, it reminded me a bit of Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? (I'm in group 4) as well. Reflecting on the second question in the post on sympathetic up-votes ...
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Should one answer terribly poor questions?

I've been reading Stack Overflow questions and answers for a long time now, probably 5 years now, always my first try on Google, and I have always loved the quality of both the questions and the ...
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Am I still supposed to explain my downvotes or not?

Over in Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?, Shog9 introduced a comment filter that prevented us from posting comments starting with -1. Okay, fine. But what are we supposed to post instead?...
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Why should I help close "bad" questions that I think are valid, instead of helping the OP with an answer?

There seems to be a very high bar for contributing to Stack Overflow, especially when it comes to asking questions. These standards can result in serious self-doubt, and seem to be the driving force ...
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Penalty for answering help-vampire questions? Or reward closure? [duplicate]

In javascript, I often come across answers from a certain user on typical help vampire questions. Questions that should be closed as duplicates, instead of being answered. You know the type: No ...
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Should one advise on off-topic questions?

This may be one of the most common quandaries I have when looking through Stack Overflow questions, when the author has written an obviously off-topic but genuine question such as Windows Forms ...
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Is a comment telling someone not to answer constructive?

I've seen many instances where someone comments on an answer that has been given to a question that was off-topic in their opinion, telling the answerer that they should not answer questions like that....
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Do the lifejacket and lifeboat badges encourage the answering of low quality questions?

Thanks for the lifejacket badges. But doesn’t it encourage the answering of questions judged as not useful by the community? Really we should be prompting the OP with helpful comments, then answer ...
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Get rid of the Reversal badge

I'm only asking this here, because the badge may have applications outside of Stack Overflow (for example, the main Stack Exchange Meta), but if it belongs on, all the ...
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Make it easier to prevent new questions being added in a tag

In part because of the recent controversy about downvoting questions for Roomba, @Shog9, myself, and others had a long conversation attempting to address the real problem: what are the goals of tag ...
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Does the recent blog post on being less hostile contradict "How to Answer"'s advice on not answering bad questions?

Closely related: Is the How to Answer article's section on only answering well-asked questions advice or site policy? Also related: Is a comment telling someone not to answer constructive? The ...
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Users answering bad questions instead of teaching the OP that question is bad

I bumped to this question, where the OP has asked to write a SQL query for his use case. But the OP has not even entered a basic minimal, complete, and verifiable example. It was clearly seen that he ...
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Attempts to improve old off-topic question met with downvotes

In the spirit of trying to improve the quality of Stack Overflow, I've been looking for closed questions I think I know something about, to see whether they can be salvaged. As we've discussed ...
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Should answers to trivial questions be avoided?

Recently, I posted an answer to this question which was promptly downvoted. This led me wondering: Should trivial questions be ignored? Clearly if you're getting downvoted, that means someone ...
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How much research effort is expected of answerers?

Every once and awhile I'll encounter questions that have a very simple, low-effort answer. This includes questions that have been asked numerous times before and have well-known answers (e.g. the nth ...
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Shouldn't we revert reputation gains for answers to closed questions?

Since the raison d'etre for the reputation score/gamification is to motivate people to produce good content for the site, and closed questions are by definition not considered good content for the ...
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What is the appropriate course of action towards a user that is consistently answering off-topic, low quality, and duplicate questions?

If you browse python, chances are that you've come across a user that answered 1,000 questions in the past month, most of which ended up being closed. Most of these questions are closed within minutes,...
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Should Answer Reputation be Removed for Closed Questions?

This idea has been mentioned in various answers and comments related to low-quality questions. I was prompted to make this post after an off-hand comment of mine received 22 votes. We have a serious ...
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Change the stigma regarding signposts

Plenty of Stack Overflow users have told me over the years that having great signposts is a sought outcome because it helps researchers (and search engines) to find the desired content. However, for ...
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Should I be concerned about some downvotes?

I've recently started answering more, and have received odd downvotes on accepted and upvoted answers. They all seem to have the same user posting an answer along with mine. There are also instances ...
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What type of Stack Overflow content generates the largest numbers of "useful" flags?

In Summary Which types of Stack Overflow content generate the largest counts of helpful flags? Do we have any (anonymized) statistics? Otherwise, what is the anecdotal evidence? In Detail The current ...
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Should I downvote/flag an answer to an unreproducible question?

This question was asked. Now, this question is not reproducible. When I paste the code in the playground, it works perfectly fine (the compiler can infer the type). Of course, I need to flag the ...
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What to do when a user totally copied an answer and behaving like a troll on a question

Yesterday I answered a question, after then 3 people answered that question too. One of them was editing his answer like all the time. His answer was really low quality, and he had like +900 rep. Then ...
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Is this question asking for code a good one? [duplicate]

I failed a Close Votes audit on this question: I voted to close this question as Too Broad, because it's ...
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