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How is this horrible question considered on topic [closed] How is this considered on topic, and why are high-rep users encouraging "Here's my code, ...
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Is it OK to downvote answers given for off-topic questions? [duplicate]

I stumbled over this question today, and marked it as off-topic as Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for ...
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Handling a user who downvotes *all* the answers out of spite

This may not come often, but I still wonder. Some users have a pet peeve. It may be aimed at doubly tagged c++ and c posts, or just an aversion to other ways in which posts are off-topic. At times, ...
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Down-voting to promote the right answer?

There is an oldish question that is a valid question and the currently accepted answer is a hack and while it probably did work at one point, there is a far simpler and native fix proposed by someone ...
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My answer was downvoted for providing an answer to a "bad" question

I recently provided an answer to a question that was not perfect, but I deemed it reasonable for Stack Overflow. I posted the second answer here. When parsing strings, code is adding string contents ...
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What could we do with a FAQ duplicate?

Too much information kills information At time of writing, there are 9,237,948 questions on Stack Overflow, and there are many frequently asked question, duplicated with as many more answers... For ...
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Dead links to deleted "bad" questions/answers from meta make it hard to learn SO best practices

Many times, reviewing meta questions in order to learn more about what makes a good/bad SO question or practice (e.g., should I provide a good answer to a bad question), the link from the meta ...
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Should Meta FAQ provide a summarizing introduction?

The FAQ Index on meta lists several questions that might be linked to from relevant questions. One of these is "How do I ask and answer homework questions?" New programmers often get their start in ...
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Does the serial voting script consider a question basis as well?

Recently I came across a good question on Meta about whether users should downvote answers to bad questions. I looked into this idea because it has happened to me twice recently. I'm okay with that, ...
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How can I write better answers, so they are not being downvoted? [closed]

I found a post two hours ago, which contained sub-par answers. As usual, I downvoted, posted a comment explaining what they could improve and posted an alternative answer. One of the answerers got ...
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Is this kind of question allowed?

A question involving a misunderstanding of how setTimeout() works in Node.js was posted. Though the question is very basic, it seemed both on-topic and clear to me so I provided an answer. For me, the ...
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Does the quality of an answer depend on votes if it is marked as the correct answer?

I wrote an answer on Stack Overflow that had a -2 score in all (as I'm not sure about the total number of up-votes and down-votes) but it was marked as the correct answer. We all know that low quality ...
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Is this correct use of the downvote on answers? [duplicate]

In this question, the OP posted an issue he was facing. His example, while not affecting the actual issue he was having, included some deprecated code. In answering the OP - myself and others have ...
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Why does the downvote privilege page contradict the tooltip?

It was brought to my attention earlier today due to an answer being posted (in which the question was a typographical error) that the downvote privilege page almost contradicted the tooltip shown for ...
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