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Broad questions like this (now deleted): I have to make one website like using HTML5,CSS3,jQuery and bootstrap so please suggest me from where I ...
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How to deal appropriately with answers posted for obvious help vampire questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across this question that obviously didn't deserve to get an answer, in preserving from getting future researchers the impression, such questions are well formed, and achieved at SO well....
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Downvoted for giving a detailed answer [duplicate]

Once in a while I see users downvoting correct answers and sometimes good answers. The reason for this action being that they are addressing a seemingly bad question. A similar issue happened to me ...
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High reputation users answering totally off-topic question [duplicate]

What is the best course of action when you see high reputation users answering really off-topic question? For instance:
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Getting things right regarding typo questions [duplicate]

Question in question: Quite clearly a typo, so I close-voted as such, downvoted for lack of effort (any basic code editor "...
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Answering low quality questions with quality answers [duplicate]

I keep seeing questions like this one that are poor quality. Basically something along the lines of : "I'm not sure where to start but this is what I want..." "Can someone write this code for me...." ...
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Are answers to (very) poor quality questions a good idea? [duplicate]

Take a question like the below (image rather than link to avoid everyone boarding the "down-vote train"): This is clearly a poor quality question. There's no evidence of any research, no attempts, ...
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Marked as Answered however people keep down-voting my answer [duplicate]

As you can see here, recently someone asked a vague question which I tried to answer as best I could. Clearly it helped the OP as he marked it answered, however I am getting down-votes on this answer. ...
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Down votes for Answers: reason very low quality question! [duplicate]

Is it good to do down votes for all answers for a reason that the question is of less quality? I do not think so... What about you? Is it on Stack Rules for down votes. Got a comment that says: ...
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Downvoting an answer because the question is unclear [duplicate]

Looking at this question, the OP's intentions are not entirely clear. I have provided an answer based on what I interpret to be the aim, but (I believe) I have been downvoted because: "there is no ...
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If I voted to close, should I downvote all answers? [duplicate]

If I voted to close a question, I usually mean "this question doesn't deserve answers". So it seems natural to vote all answers down. However, voting should always refer to the content; if the ...
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Should I downvote an answer only on its quality? [duplicate]

Is it fair to vote down an answer in the below circumstance? User A has posted a problem but has NOT mentioned what he/she has done so far to solve it. He/She received some comments from other users ...
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Voting strategies [duplicate]

I've recently asked this question: How to deal with users not wanting to accept basic "rules" The question received 9 downvotes, and a lot of comments saying it's cool to downvote correct/...
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Should downvotes be used to punish people who answer bad questions? [duplicate]

In response to this question: The asker comes in with ...
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Downvote Correct (Although not "Good") Answers? [duplicate]

I see questions like this one fairly often. I voted to close (closed now) but the question still gets some answers and a lot times these answers get a bunch of votes. While they are correct they are ...
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