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How to deal with dangerous answers

There are a number of answers to do with entropy (particular with GPG) which recommend running: rngd -r /dev/urandom This is VERY dangerous, and anyone following this advice is creating insecure GPG ...
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What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed? [duplicate]

What is best practice for questions that were asked/answered (correctly), but where the software has now changed, but no one has updated the answer? (e.g. where a new answer would be completely ...
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Flagging old invalid/incorrect/wrong answers

I want to share a case that I do not understand, it is about the following answer: The answer had one upvote yesterday, I spotted it and downvoted it as ...
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What should be done about the recycling of incorrect answers?

I'm not going to point fingers, but I will hint with links to answers. Is there a way on Android to intercept incoming calls/SMSes to either block/unblock it? How to prevent SMS going to inbox in ...
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Highly-upvoted incorrect answers on questions are harmful

I'm well aware this ground has been trodden before, but the ground has changed a lot in half a decade. Without further ado, the question.: What is the difference between String and string in C#? The ...
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Can/Should anything be done about popular, accepted and clearly-wrong answers? [duplicate]

I have come across a few (mostly older) questions that have highly-upvoted, accepted answers that are objectively wrong. Example I suppose the theory is ...
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Highly upvoted answer on highly upvoted question is totally wrong? [duplicate]

I just closed another question as a duplicate of this one, but when reading through what the top answer was - something is totally off here. This is (as of this writing) a +73 question with a +77 ...
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Should answers that are "completely off base" (i.e. the writer simply misread the question) just be deleted? How should we moderate them? [duplicate]

Some questions are inherently very confusing and difficult. Here for example is an answer where the answerer missed the point (thinking it was something to do with how to enter a color as floats, ...
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Bad quality or wrong answers on Android

I am currently developing Android apps. I use Stack Overflow every time I can't find a solution. Sadly, after gaining a bit of experience on my subject it's clear that there are too many wrong answers ...
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What should be done about this wrong answer? [duplicate]

mickmackusa has raised concerns about correctness of this particular answer: How to remove part of a string? The answer mentions regex as a solution to remove a part of a string in PHP. As shown by ...
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How to handle accepted but wrong answers [duplicate]

I have found some answers, they are not correct, but accepted as correct answers. How can we treat such answers.
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Dealing with an answer upvoted despite being wrong and later updated to reflect the facts

A short while ago I encountered an answer that was completely wrong, so I downvoted it and left a comment explaining why it is bad (based on my knowledge of normative sources and some general grasp of ...
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How to deal with incorrect answers on unpopular questions?

This question may be considered biased by some, but the problem I describe is an actual source of woe-and-worry for me, and one that's been bugging me for quite a long time; the problem is not ...
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What to do if accepted answer is wrong? [duplicate]

What to do if an accepted answer is just plain wrong / stupid / guides others in a wrong direction? I thought that this question should be asked somewhere before, but I cannot find it. After reading ...
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Edited incorrect answer, edit was rolled back

I stumbled upon this highly upvoted and accepted, but not really correct answer to this question. While the comments to the answer clearly stated the error, this did not lead the author to edit his ...
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