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Should answers that are "completely off base" (i.e. the writer simply misread the question) just be deleted? How should we moderate them? [duplicate]

Some questions are inherently very confusing and difficult. Here for example is an answer where the answerer missed the point (thinking it was something to do with how to enter a color as floats, ...
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How should I deal with an incorrect answer that is accepted and has massive upvotes? [duplicate]

I'm looking at the question How can I do a FULL OUTER JOIN in MySQL? that has an accepted answer that is incorrect and that has been upvoted 832 times, at least. I did my work: I downvoted it and ...
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What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed? [duplicate]

What is best practice for questions that were asked/answered (correctly), but where the software has now changed, but no one has updated the answer? (e.g. where a new answer would be completely ...
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What happens when all answers become delegitimized? [duplicate]

This is a fairly well known and old question in Swift. It asks this question: Can an enum have 2 cases where both raw values are the same? Swift is very clear that is is not the case. So explains ...
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What should be done about this wrong answer? [duplicate]

mickmackusa has raised concerns about correctness of this particular answer: How to remove part of a string? The answer mentions regex as a solution to remove a part of a string in PHP. As shown by ...
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Highly-upvoted incorrect answers on questions are harmful

I'm well aware this ground has been trodden before, but the ground has changed a lot in half a decade. Without further ado, the question.: What is the difference between String and string in C#? The ...
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Mark a previously accepted answer as deprecated? [duplicate]

I've noticed that there're a lot of really great questions that have trouble with aging, either due to language progression (like Swift) or just development of commonly used tools in the language (...
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How to make a (in my opinion) correct edit when it is rejected by review?

I'd like some advice regarding an edit which I would like to see happen but which has been rejected by community review. I've tried to edit this answer. ( How long to brute force a salted SHA-512 ...
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Potential issues with an old, well upvoted wiki answer. Delete, edit, or leave? Anyone with solid PHP knowledge should see the problem immediately. The question is about solving the issue of getting PHP "Undefined" notices, but every ...
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Edited incorrect answer, edit was rolled back

I stumbled upon this highly upvoted and accepted, but not really correct answer to this question. While the comments to the answer clearly stated the error, this did not lead the author to edit his ...
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When a question is teeming with out of date answers

This massively upvoted Q/A is a complete mess/really hard to use; I rarely see questions that run to 3 pages of answers but in this particular case it seems that a considerable number of those answers ...
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Is it appropriate to invite scrutiny of a highly up-voted, disputed answer?

This is an attempt to invite a canonical answer to the question in the title. Context: How to handle historical, highly upvoted but completely incorrect answers is a related, open-ended questions, ...
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Does it matter that a single naive answer can get massive upvotes from other naive viewers? [duplicate]

I strongly suspect that this sort of question has been asked before (of course I looked at what came up) ... and answers like "life's not fair" may well apply. I'm thinking of this answer : the user ...
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Highly upvoted answer on highly upvoted question is totally wrong? [duplicate]

I just closed another question as a duplicate of this one, but when reading through what the top answer was - something is totally off here. This is (as of this writing) a +73 question with a +77 ...
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What to do with questions that have terrible answers that don't answer the question posed? [duplicate]

I came across this question and out of all the answers I don't think I found one answer that actually provided a solution to the question posed by the user. There were possible solutions posted by ...
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