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Can/Should anything be done about popular, accepted and clearly-wrong answers? [duplicate]

I have come across a few (mostly older) questions that have highly-upvoted, accepted answers that are objectively wrong. Example I suppose the theory is ...
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Highly upvoted answer on highly upvoted question is totally wrong? [duplicate]

I just closed another question as a duplicate of this one, but when reading through what the top answer was - something is totally off here. This is (as of this writing) a +73 question with a +77 ...
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Should answers that are "completely off base" (i.e. the writer simply misread the question) just be deleted? How should we moderate them? [duplicate]

Some questions are inherently very confusing and difficult. Here for example is an answer where the answerer missed the point (thinking it was something to do with how to enter a color as floats, ...
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How to handle accepted but wrong answers [duplicate]

I have found some answers, they are not correct, but accepted as correct answers. How can we treat such answers.
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What should be done about this wrong answer? [duplicate]

mickmackusa has raised concerns about correctness of this particular answer: How to remove part of a string? The answer mentions regex as a solution to remove a part of a string in PHP. As shown by ...
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What to do if accepted answer is wrong? [duplicate]

What to do if an accepted answer is just plain wrong / stupid / guides others in a wrong direction? I thought that this question should be asked somewhere before, but I cannot find it. After reading ...
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How should I deal with an incorrect answer that is accepted and has massive upvotes? [duplicate]

I'm looking at the question How can I do a FULL OUTER JOIN in MySQL? that has an accepted answer that is incorrect and that has been upvoted 832 times, at least. I did my work: I downvoted it and ...
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What happens when all answers become delegitimized? [duplicate]

This is a fairly well known and old question in Swift. It asks this question: Can an enum have 2 cases where both raw values are the same? Swift is very clear that is is not the case. So explains ...
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how to handle old questions out of date answers [duplicate]

there are many questions and answers that I encounter are wrong or missleading for newbie because out of date . ill give one example for the question, uploading photo with android. the link of those ...
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Mark a previously accepted answer as deprecated? [duplicate]

I've noticed that there're a lot of really great questions that have trouble with aging, either due to language progression (like Swift) or just development of commonly used tools in the language (...
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What to do with questions that have terrible answers that don't answer the question posed? [duplicate]

I came across this question and out of all the answers I don't think I found one answer that actually provided a solution to the question posed by the user. There were possible solutions posted by ...
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Does it matter that a single naive answer can get massive upvotes from other naive viewers? [duplicate]

I strongly suspect that this sort of question has been asked before (of course I looked at what came up) ... and answers like "life's not fair" may well apply. I'm thinking of this answer : the user ...
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"Uhhh... what?" kind of answers [duplicate] 8587321344/1024/1024/1024 is wrong.. correct is below.. 8587321344/(1024*1024*1024) Anyone with basic math knowledge knows that these operations are ...
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How to handle with Out-dated posts? [duplicate]

This question is mostly related to programming. Such as EJB vs Spring. Many popular answers I found @SO has been written in 2009/2010. But in these 5 years, many innovations, many alternatives, many ...
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How to deal with dangerous answers

There are a number of answers to do with entropy (particular with GPG) which recommend running: rngd -r /dev/urandom This is VERY dangerous, and anyone following this advice is creating insecure GPG ...

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