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A systematic approach to burnination

I'm fairly new to meta, but I have noticed over the past few months that a large proportion of highly upvoted questions (those I see through "Hot Meta Posts") tend to be tag-burnination-related. It ...
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Could we stop with all those "burnination" requests?

Every day it is the same thing: everyone keeps viewing on SO a link to one of those "burnination" requests within the "hot meta posts" area. Every time with a supposedly funny pun in the title. ...
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Is [postfix-mta] on topic? Should it be narrowed down?

Related to Let's clean up [postfix-mta] . After looking through a few dozen questions in the course of the cleanup effort, I've had yet to see a single on-topic one, including new questions. As ...
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What to do with [worksheet-function] vs [excel-formula] tags?

Today I stumbled upon a question that was tagged with both excel-formula and worksheet-function. Reading the tag excerpts: excel-formula: This tag is for Microsoft Excel questions where the ...
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We actually need to BURN tags. None of this removal nonsense

Following my comment here: We really should have a literal Burn button that deletes the tag from all questions that uses it. It'd be mods-only (obviously) and would require approval from like 5 ...
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