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Why is this comment not unfriendly/unkind?

Two days ago I reported this comment as unfriendly/unkind: Whoever downvoted my question, you really are a weird person. Downvoting with a comment as WHY downvoted makes sense so that I can at least ...
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Users above certain reputation threshold should have access to see deleted comments, and the unmoderated version of mod-edited comments

tl:dr; In short, I'm suggesting users of "sufficient" reputation should be able to access the unmoderated version of comments, at the press of a button/link. original I'm writing this ...
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Can I see if my comment was deleted for violating rules? [duplicate]

I commented on this question My nested for loop breaks 3 loops back instead of one. I pointed out the ambiguities of the question and my reason to vote to close because of syntax errors in the ...
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Is this comment really "not nice"?

I got suspended again for making rude comments on terrible questions and answers. In the mod message provided, I was given examples of the problematic comments. 4 of the 5 given, I accept that they're ...
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Deleted comments on unresolved question [closed]

My unresolved question had all comments deleted. Specifically one of the lasts comments stated that a user was going to post again at a later time. Now that the comments are deleted, I have no way of ...
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Can we do more than just delete rude comments?

Lately it feels like there's a growing perception that Stack Overflow is not a nice place. I still feel like it's the best place to ask programming questions on the Web, but apparently not everyone ...
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Are users notified (automatically, manually) on deleted "offensive/rude" comments? [duplicate]

As a user who believes he is not a rude person, I find myself wondering if any of my comments have been flagged as rude and removed; mostly for the sake of wondering what I said was rude, and what ...
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Do I get notified when someone deletes my comment?

Short question: I think someone deleted a comment I made on a question I asked. Do I get notified about that deletion? This most definetly is a duplicate, but I did not find anything using the search ...
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Replace flag icon with something more appropriate

I often had it that some of my comments went away without notice, though they weren't bad in any way (I think). Now I got a hint of what might have happened: One of the newbies told me that he used ...
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Notify users about comment deletion if it is due to "unfriendly or unkind" flag

I would like to revisit a feature proposal raised a while ago, specifically in light of our new-ish code of conduct and the existence of the "unfriendly or unkind" comment flag (which I'm not quite ...
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Did my comment just disappear?

I posted a comment on this question about an hour ago, asking for some clarification. When I refreshed the page (habit), after doing other things for a while, I noticed that my comment was not there ...
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Missing/deleted comments

I recently noted some of my comments have gone missing or deleted. Is this because they were flagged or is there somebody with reps to delete them without notifying me of their deletion, and if so, ...
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Is there a way to see why my comment was deleted?

Today I posted a comment, and came back in a few minutes to find that it had been deleted. I'd like to find out why so I can adjust my future commenting behavior. Is there any way to find out, without ...
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Notification about deleted comments [duplicate]

Today (or yesterday) a comment I gave as a reply to a comment on one of my answers got deleted. I not only have an idea on why, but would have never noticed, had not someone else commented the answer ...