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A new line can be started in a question text box by double enter or double space. But... how to start a new text line in Comments to any SO topic? And, how to start a new line in Code section of ...
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Why can't you format code in comments to answers? [duplicate]

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Unable to format code in comments nor add newlines [duplicate]

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Can't include separate lines in my comments [duplicate]

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Inadequate support for comments [duplicate]

I have just come from the hell of writing this comment, and as I have had numerous problems in the past with formatting comments nicely I thought I would write about them There seems to be no ...
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Is there an online editor to automate Comment formatting and editing? [duplicate]

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Is tangential information not an answer?

I came across this answer via a Low Quality Posts review. In a nutshell, the question can be summed up by its final line: What is the => operator actually doing? Is it overriding something? ...
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Why don't comments support the full markdown?

If you read the formatting help for comments it reads: Comments use mini-Markdown formatting Why isn't the full markdown (the one that can be used on answers/questions) used?
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Why is my inline code not being formatted in a comment?

In this comment the text: If I'm reading phase 3 right (and just to be explicit), this means that /* Now there are other characters before the '#' */ #endif is valid, correct? Does not have ...
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Linebreaks in comments on Stack Exchange questions and answers [duplicate]

My original question was going to be how to add line breaks when commenting on a question or answer. I looked at the markdown editing help page, and found that it's not supported, at least as far as ...
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