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What is "Good Stack Overflow Citizenship"?

I've been a SO users for a few years, but I've only had the courage to start giving back about a year ago. Along the way, I've learned a lot about how to behave from watching other users, taking the ...
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Are reputation points working as intended?

UPDATE: This is an extremely rare situation AFAICT so please ignore I hate that I look at my rep but that said I'm wondering if points are working as intended. I ask because I saw at least a few ...
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Over time, on Stack Overflow, it is harder to earn a great deal of reputation. What can we do? [duplicate]

I am quite new to this great site and am definitely not a programming genius. But what I want to bring up as a problem is that IMHO it is much harder to earn lots of reputation points than it was in ...
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Do new users have a harder time now earning rep than they did 8 years ago? [duplicate]

Been flipping through new questions for a while, modestly answering questions I know a bit about (mostly winforms or string manipulation, the easy stuff) and collecting my +10 or +15 for the ones I ...
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Problem with closing discussions on Meta

I'm fairly sure this will get closed, but here it goes... I've been noticing an annoying trend here on Meta, it seems that unpopular opinions are being suppressed via closure. Voting to close ...
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Why this answer is grayed? [duplicate]

Sorry for the lame question. For a while this answer is grayed. It is neither flagged for close, neither deleted, but keeps displayed in gray. I can not figure why...
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Reputation limit per question? [duplicate]

I just stumbled across an answer and happened to click through to the user's profile, and what I saw surprised me somewhat. The answer is to a fairly basic JavaScript question which obviously quite a ...
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About having a maximum reputation for a user and specific questions/answers [duplicate]

In my opinion, the reputation should be a indication of knowledge and helpfulness. Currently, many of the questions asked some 6-8 years ago about very broad topics have a high score. Authors of ...
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Should really old questions and answers allow to be upvoted? [duplicate]

Take this question for example: How do I tokenize a string in C++? This question and its accepted answer are both from September 2008. While it is a prefectly written and useful question/answer, the ...
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Depreciation of reputation gain for upvotes on highly voted and/or old Q&A?

I often see highly upvoted basic questions (and answers to them), like Create a dictionary with list comprehension in Python. While I do agree that they are valuable to the community (and thus shall ...
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What if reputation points have an expiration date? [duplicate]

Here's a feature request I would like to discuss about on MSO. You all know that being up-to-date in the field of programming is essential. Therefore, I would like to suggest a feature: would it be ...
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Why does it seem all the upvotes on Stack Overflow are from 2008? [duplicate]

Look at the posts in C# sorted by upvotes. The majority of the non-wiki posts are from 2008-2009, which doesn't make any sense. This is because more users should be accessing the site than before, ...
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Users that live off of old questions [duplicate]

Let's look at the top question on SO: Why is it faster to process a sorted array than an unsorted array? The top answer was by Mysticial, who's a pretty high-rep user. However, looking at his ...
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Should reputation points be calculated via a sliding time window? [duplicate]

Points are about reputation, and reputation should be about skills, experience, problem solving potential, invested work, commitment, etc. This is a very strong goal of SO I think, because this is ...
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Most questions have already been asked, can't think of anything new to ask [duplicate]

This is kind of related to the Fastest Gun in the West problem, except it's for questions instead of answers. Many of the most common programming questions have already been asked and answered: Why ...
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