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On Stack Overflow, would flagging a bunch of un-needed comments found via SEDE be helpful? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up from this question. Tl;dr: Q: Is flagging and removing manually a bunch of unneeded thank-you comments as found by a SEDE query OK? A: Generally, but make sure it makes sense for ...
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How to flag/moderate a comment conversation that's gone off the rails? [duplicate]

I stumbled on this question where I left a clarifying comment. As I watched, the comments slowly spiraled off-topic. (OP's name is crossed out in red. Click for larger image) Some of these seem ...
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What is the correct procedure for handling large amounts of trashy comments on a post?

There have been many times when I come across a useful and well written answer, and find multiple "Thank you!", or "This works!", or "This is the one true answer", type of comments. By "multiple", I ...
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Should I flag all comments in a conversation that is no longer needed? [duplicate]

Today I flagged only one comment from a conversation which is no longer needed after edit to the post. I hoped that one flag will be enough for mod to handle the whole conversation, but only the ...
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Can the mods agree on how we should mass-flag comments?

There are two possible ways to mass-flag obsolete (or otherwise deletion-worthy) comments on a post: Raise an "Other" flag on the post noting that most/all of its comments are obsolete Flag every ...
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Flagging obsolete comments; repercussions to the user

I just noticed that after I had deleted a couple of my own 'too chatty' comments and went to flag the 'chatty' responses as 'obsolete' (they were now referring to portions of a conversation that no ...
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Appropriate sequence of actions for comments deletion when helping a user

I try to help novice users who misuse a tag and could miss their target audience by commenting their question with a text I prepared in advance. Example for a question about where the user ...
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For chain of comments, flag once only or flag all? [duplicate]

I was just found some comments about post Id here and believe they are to chatty: - This answer's ID is 33333333, by the way. - @MadaraUchiha I don't understand. - Press the "share" link and ...
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What's the best way to accept correction in a comment thread?

This is a question I have about etiquette here: Suppose someone asks a question and I post a "maybe you could try X?" comment, or some other advice underneath. Then someone else comes along and ...
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How to request deletion of multiple obsolete comments? [duplicate]

While looking at a mediocre at best question I replied to a comment from another user, who then informed me their comment was made prior to an edit. Our comments weren't very useful at that point and ...
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Can I flag a whole comment thread? [duplicate]

I answered a question yesterday with what I thought was an OK answer: I gave OP fixes for his syntax issues, and suggested that he explore a particular library for solving his problem better. This ...
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Why was my "purge comments" flag declined?

I've flagged this answer with an Other flag with the following explanation: obsolete/non constructive comment thread - only the last comment carries important information However, the flag was ...