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Is it ethical to contact a user to draw their attention to a question, where they might be able to help?

Is it ethical (and also allowed) to link to another question to get attention of specific user who you know can help you? I had question A, and XYZ gave me great help. Now a while later I have ...
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Is it acceptable to rollback a question to remove an additional question?

Earlier I came across this question where the OP had been given an answer and accepted it, then hours later updated their question to ask a new question. Also note, the new question was added at the ...
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Latest guidance for case where user asks unrelated question in a comment on an answer?

It seems like a fairly common occurrence for new users to post unrelated questions in comments to answers. I sometimes get these on my own answers, and I just found another one on this answer: https://...
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Are "Bonus Questions" considered an ok request? [duplicate]

What is the community's stance, as a rule, regarding "Bonus" or "Follow-up" questions? To be clear, I am defining such a question like so: It is a follow-up or related question asked after the ...
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Add Ability to Ignore Users [duplicate]

Would it be possible/practical to provide a way for users to ignore other users? It seems like this would help solve both sides of the "so negative" debate: High-rep users who don't want to be ...
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Link for poor or ever-growing questions to better explain why people stop answering

Given the amount of questions that start with "I am very new to (x) and how do I do this...", questions that lead in to the inevitable "Ok that is working but now...", it seems like it would be ...
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What should be done about users who want too much detail? [duplicate]

I have noticed a couple of people who are not satisfied with a (correct) answer: they want more detail, and if that is given, even more detail. This one, for example was last night, but it was not ...
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What do I do with a post like this? [duplicate] I made the stupid mistake of answering, and now I am getting asked to hand hold, and it appears that the ...
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Is it OK to use comments to highlight a related unanswered question?

CLARIFICATION: I have posted a question that hasn't been answered yet. My question is a variation of another question, that has already been answered. I wonder if it is OK if I use comments to inform ...
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How should I deal with lazy follow up question-comments on answers?

I'm sure this happens to a lot of users. You have a clear and useful answer to a question. Someone comes along and makes adds a question-comment that makes it obvious they didn't even bother reading ...
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Further questions on the answered question in the comments area [duplicate]

A user asks a question regarding a problem and we answer that. The answer is marked as answer by the user. The marked answer solves the problem which asked initially. But after implementing the ...