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RFC: Doing something about Python import canonicals before I lose my mind

There are a truly massive number of questions on Stack Overflow about Python's module-import system: thousands tagged python-import, thousands more tagged both python and import, thousands more tagged ...
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Reduce reputation for duplicate questions

I think that simply putting a question on hold for being a duplicate is not enough to educate a duplicator. I've seen cases where a user would just keep asking the same question. Also, getting ...
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Tracking the close votes review queue: The latest plot, and whether I should stop [duplicate]

Unfortunately in recent months I've been busy with "life" and haven't been kept up with meta. Seems I've missed out on a lot of exciting stuff regarding the close votes review queue. Back in January ...
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When a post is flagged with more than one label, what label wins?

Last week, a question was flagged as duplicate. The OP asked one of the people commenting to post a link to the older question. The person posting comments said he did not flag the question as a "...
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I voted to close as "unclear" but it shows up as "duplicate", why?

I voted to close this question as "unclear", but is shows up as if I voted to close it as duplicate, why? This is besides the point, but I do not feel that the question was a duplicate of that ...
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Requirement for flag duplicate to appear

My question is very similar to an earlier question about requirement for the flag to close option is supposed to appear. The answer to that earlier question (which is about why certain flag-to-close ...
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Is there any facility to update older questions with new?

As we can see that the technology regularly updates itself...the changes in the coding patterns ... inbuilt functions changes day by day...versions to versions... So is there any facility here to ...
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