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What should the table stakes for a question to be asked on Stack Overflow be?

The renewed vigor in "finding ourselves" has led me question some of the principles I've always thought Stack Overflow "was". The recent backlash against homework questions, "...
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Rather dictatorial closing of my question

I asked this question today: Does a vector assignment invalidate the `reserve`? However it's been closed off by a single user (i.e. no voting process) as duplicate. That single user doesn't appear ...
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What to do about question with multiple low-quality answers?

I noticed this question on SO that lacks certain details like the OS that the OP is using. The question has multiple low-quality answers all of which have been upvoted. In fact, the highest voted ...
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Do profile views matter on Stack Overflow?

Just as reputation and badges have their importance, does profile views also considered to be important? If yes please share how.
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Was the close vote applied justly or not on my questions about procfs?

I spent considerable time researching and crafting a question which was unlucky enough to get a downvote from one of the first 3 to see it because it dared to ask more than one related questions at ...
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Give high-rep users immunity from closure when answering

One thing that's an endless source of frustration on SO is having a detailed, strong answer to a question written and ready to submit, only to be rejected because other users have decided that, since ...
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Warn answerers on close candidates [duplicate]

A lot of duplicate questions pop up on Stack Overflow every day. Unfortunately many of the users who answer to those questions are not aware that it might be a duplicated. The close-voting system ...
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Should my question be re-opened? This (older) question of mine was closed for supposedly being off-topic. It has almost 100 views ...
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Help Close Duplicates of "Revert to previous Git commit" question

I'm looking for help closing questions as a duplicate of a canonical question about "reverting to a specific Git commit". This is the canonical, How to revert Git repository to a previous commit? ...
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What could cause a privilege to be revoked other than a loss of reputation?

A loss of reputation can cause a privilege to be revoked: Is it possible to lose a privilege if you lose the required reputation for it? What could cause a privilege to be revoked other than a loss ...
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Please can we have a list of tags showings show many users have gold badge for them

In view of 'When did I get close-vote superpowers?' and 'How Do I Opt Out of Privileges?', gold tag badge users have super duplicate closing powers. Can we please have more information about which ...
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Extending the gold badge rights to further close vote reasons

The gold badge now allows the holder to have binding close votes on duplicates. It was discussed in here: When did I get close-vote superpowers? This is a nice thing for the site as well as ...
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How long does a question stay on hold?

I went to this question which was really poor made, but as I saw that it were made by a new user I tried to understand what he meant through comments and then I edited it to help him and the site: ...
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"Nominate this question for reopening?" message misleading

When I try to reopen a duplicate question where I can use my dupe hammer, I still get the same message: Nominate this question for reopening? The word "nominate" here suggests that the question ...
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Things to consider when casting close and open votes [closed]

My reputation is approaching the point where I will be able to cast close and re-open votes. I didn't find a META question specifically about this, so I decided to write this. Certainly, reading the ...
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