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When can a question be closed as a duplicate of another?

Recently I dup-closed this question (with this question) using the new Gold powers. The close vote was subsequently revoked by another user, saying that it is not the duplicate of the closed question. ...
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General JavaScript asynchronicity reference for close voting?

Background Questions that revolve around javascript asynchronicity are very common and are asked on a daily basis on Stack Overflow. To back up this claim, How to return the response from an AJAX ...
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Is that question a duplicate or not? Dupehammer fight

I think the question Setting an Array Element as an Object Property is a duplicate of How to create an object property from a variable value in JavaScript?. The only difference is that the second one ...
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Is there a benefit to closing a question as a duplicate of more than one question?

Take this question into consideration. It was closed as a duplicate of two questions: In the comments of that question, there are links to three duplicate questions. This seems to be the goal of ...
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Moderators have too much power?

I stumble upon more and more useful but closed questions with many upvotes, where the answers have even more upvotes. The questions were usually closed for "not constructive" and "opinion based" ...
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What is a beginner-oriented canonical Q&A and how can it help me curate my watched tags?

This is intended to be a light satire to assist would-be site curators who find that the tags they're most interested in are flooded with low-quality questions, but who either misuse What is a ...
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Should high reputation users be able to answer in such fashion?

The original question that I raised is here: Mongo Query that always returns zero documents Admittedly, my use-case is slightly non-standard, but it's not too large a stretch of the imagination that ...
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What should I do when the duplicate target depends on additional context?

I found this question and (as I said in my comment) it could be either a duplicate of this (if the Socket in the question is a reference type) or this (if the Socket in the question is a value type). ...
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Update Help Center to include the mighty Mjölnir

The Why are some questions marked as duplicate? topic in the help center states: It takes 5 close votes to reach the closing threshold. But of course, this is not strictly true and may lead ...
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Why do all my duplicate flags age out?

Almost all of my "aged away" flags are "possible duplicates". Screenshot below, because only mods can see flags: I am making these flags incorrectly? I think their purpose is to keep the site clean, ...
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Provide visual prompts to actions of regular users when they exercise superpowers

This is a follow-up to this new feature. Now that regular users can close questions with a single vote, it would be great to have some visual indicator that the action is applied as a superpower ...
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Where did the use of the name Mjolnir come from?

Often The Dupe Hammer, aka The Mighty Mjolnir is talked about. Obviously this is named after Thor's hammer in Norse mythology. But when did the name start being used in StackMythology and why?
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Do high privilege users have rights to delete comments?

I have commented on question with a link as it appears to be the duplicate of a previous asked question. After a few moments I got back to the question where I commented. A user with 50K reputation ...
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Is it a dupe if answers address the problem but not the code in question?

I recently voted to close this question as a dupe since it asks about the exact same goal as the dupe target. However, I was a bit in doubt about this situation because the asker may be interested in ...
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SO is for answers. Should it be a cheatsheet for exams and tests as well?

There are some questions about homework but I weren't able to find one on this particular problem: What about answers for particular exams/tests? Say, there is a test used by some school/corporation. ...
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