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Where do I ask questions like "How do I make this?" Why are they not well-received on Stack Overflow?

I am new to the web development world and generally have a lot of curiosity when I see something new. I don’t have that much guidance on web development from my university. I want to ask questions ...
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Can you ask questions of the form “What is X?”

Lately, I have been asking more canonical questions on Stack Overflow, rather than highly particular ones based on difficulty with achieving some multi-part goal. These are usually received better ...
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How can I make these two downvoted questions of mine better?

I'm new to StackOverflow, and I want get better at asking good questions. Recently, two of my questions have been down-voted: Opening Text Files on Remote Linux Machine within Client-Installed ...
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About Beginner Questions [closed]

Firstly I should say that I (mostly) understand Stack Overflow's Q&A format. I have recently started answering questions more often and throughout the day I see many questions that are just asked ...
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Tags for kids to ask Python programming questions

My 11-year-old kid is starting to learn Python. Stack Overflow is a great place to ask questions and get quality answers. The problem is that my kid is just a kid. Even as an adult, my questions got ...
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How to search one's own questions by tag?

In my profile I can list my own questions and sort them by several criteria (votes, activity etc.). Is there a way to only list my questions with a certain tag. I am trying to find a question of mine, ...
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Are beginners' questions welcome? [duplicate]

Suppose that a bright, curious beginner politely asks a C-programming question like this, not obviously an exact duplicate, regarding the mysteriously unpredictable address he has found in an ...
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Should we point new users to recent SO blog posts and podcasts episodes that mentions entities that help people to learn to code?

Some recent blog posts and podcast episodes mention entities that help people to learn to code or improve their programming skills. Should we point new users to this content or other content more ...
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Duplicates while I did the search

Stack Overflow (SO) is a good source to find answers, as is the rest of the internet. So I'd search on google and when a SO page pops up I always check those question and answers. When I will ask a ...
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Where can I speak out against user behaviour pattern? Is this the right forum? [closed]

I've just noticed a behaviour on SO that I think creates a barrier to new users entering the community. Where can I express my opinion to the Stack Overflow community and speak out against this sort ...
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Increase the amount of reputation a new user starts with

I've been thinking. New users start with 1 reputation. This means downvotes have no effect on their reputation, at least until we get their first upvote. This network is gamified for a reason. There'...
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Potential newcomer guide before being allowed to post on Stack Overflow

I am a new user on Stack Overflow, as many people are and I have both seen and made low-quality posts/comments. Could we avoid this by simply making users undergo a quick post/comment guide before ...
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