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What is Stack Overflow for? [duplicate]

I feel like most questions I ask on Stack Overflow are on topic. The topic of programming. Yet I still get referred to programmers.stackexchange. What's the intended purpose of Stack Overflow? ...
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Where on Stack Exchange can ask questions about Software Quality Assurance or Software Architecture? [duplicate]

Are all Stack Exchange websites only there to ask about code related questions, or is there any website in the network where we can ask questions about other fields of software, like Quality Assurance,...
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Should I ask programming questions on Stack Overflow or on the "Programmers" Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Title says it all. Does it matter where I ask it? Is there a way to have one question post to both sites? Thanks for the recommendations.
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Where to ask a question about SVN branching strategies? [duplicate]

I would like to ask a question about SVN branching and merging strategies, but I am not sure Stack Overflow would be the most appropriate place since the question is not strictly about programming. ...
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Should a question about design using a specific technology go on Stack Overflow or Software Engineering [duplicate]

I'm making a modular game engine using OSGi. All functionality is provided by OSGi bundles. This engine is using the Entity-Component-System pattern. Most things in the world are Entities. There are ...
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What belongs under language-agnostic and what belongs on other SE sites? [duplicate]

I think the tag language-agnostic belongs on Stack Overflow and that programming problems do encompass non-language specific questions. However, I am aware of other Stack Exchange sites, specifically ...
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What are the differences between Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, and Code Review?

I do not understand what the differences are between Stack Overflow , Software Engineering and Code Review. All of them seem to be the same thing: talking about programming. So I do not understand ...
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Why does SO have an UML tag, given that UML is clearly for programmers.SE?

Recently some UML tagged questions (e.g. this) have been migrated to Programmers Stack Exchange. According to this answer If it is related to coding, it should be on Stack Overflow. If it's related ...
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My question was closed as a duplicate despite explicitly rejecting the solution given at the other question

This question I made has been recently closed arguing it was a duplicate of this one. This is not a duplicate: Even though the situation is exactly the same and the question may seem to be the same, ...
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Is a question about design patterns too opinionated for Stack Overflow?

I was reading the about page and there is a section that says "Get Answers to practical, detailed questions". It says Ask about... Specific programming problems Software algorithms ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Is Stack Overflow an appropriate website to ask about system design questions?

I’m planning to practice some system design questions asked during tech interviews, and I’d like to get reviews/opinions on how I’d design some systems from the Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange ...
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What kind of questions belong on Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow?

I have found that Stack Overflow is for posting questions about how to improve code; also, Jamal over at Code Review has been very helpful. This is my original question: https://codereview....
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Difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow and programmers? [duplicate]

I just wanna know the difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow websites.what is difference between posting questions either one of this link?
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Is there a way to make my algorithm/approach question on-topic?

I asked Large doubly-linked-list (or other) storage on disk for queue system; options for how to store, which was put on hold as off-topic. I've since deleted the question: image of question. The ...
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