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Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not too specific questions? [duplicate]

I understand the pollution caused by too broad questions in a site trying to solve immediate and practical programming problems. However, I also must admit that these kind of questions (and respective ...
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I need answer to the question and seems a valid one, still its closed, How will I get answer from SO? [duplicate]

I asked the following question: What are custom events and synthetic events? I don't mind if its downvoted or else, but at least an answer should be given. This is a confusing topic, and if I get ...
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Not really sure what made my question to be closed automatically [duplicate]

For my recent question, Linux search for a string in a given set of files It was automatically closed with the comment 'don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack ...
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Bad fit questions? [duplicate]

If I have a question that I know is a bad fit (off-topic) for SO, but I'm not sure where to ask it. Should I ask it anyway, including a statement like follows? I know this is a bad question for SO,...
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Where is it appropriate to ask questions about Technical Certifications? [duplicate]

Where is the appropriate place to ask questions surrounding technical certifications? Like Microsoft MCP exams and other industry certifications. I'm referring to questions surrounding exam prep ...
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Downvoting or deleting coding style questions [duplicate]

I asked a question about code style Which of these styles of golang code (if any) is objectively most legible/best? (copy of question content below in case it is deleted) and it is being thretened ...
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Is it OK to recommend new users to ask their question elsewhere? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I leave a comment along with a needs more focus CV on a (more or less) homework question like There are many ways you can do this. What's your attempt? Where are you unsatisfied / ...
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The proper place for non problem specific programming questions [duplicate]

Since the proper question guidelines have been tightened somewhat the last couple of years, I've been wondering what is the proper place to ask questions which are not focused on a particular problem, ...
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Are there any Stack Exchange sites where recommendations, best practices or industry standards questions can be asked? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is focused on Q&A style questions. Questions that seek recommendations, best practices or industry standards are discouraged because they may generate discussion and are seen as ...
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Remove the mention of "Super User" from the standard off-topic close reasons [duplicate]

You currently have this close reason – emphasis mine: Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for ...
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When someone asks for a recommendation instead of a question, where should I tell them to post their question? Yahoo answers?

Many times I have seen questions that are more like "Which language should I use for ..." and "Can anyone recommend..." than "I am having a problem this this chunk of code in my file and I ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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What kind of questions belong on Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow?

I have found that Stack Overflow is for posting questions about how to improve code; also, Jamal over at Code Review has been very helpful. This is my original question: https://codereview....
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How do we handle ethical/legal questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across a (now deleted- will link it here if I can find the link) question which asked about the legality of using distributing Microsoft libraries (DLLs) with their programs. This type ...
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Add 'related' forums for questions that don't belong here

Someone else has already asked Should Stack Overflow have a forum where users can talk about anything they want?, but I think that forums for programming questions that, for whatever reason, don't ...
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